Friday, June 26, 2020

Meeting Hubert Sumlin @ Memphis Music Festival


Michael Bangar:
🎸Good Morning, Burt & Maureen ! You must tell your great story of sharing a taxi cab with Blues Legend Hubert Sumlin (image above) in Chicago. 🎵🎸.

Burton Westerhout:
It was in Memphis after the end of the Music Festival there. We were staying @ Heartbreak Hotel across the street from Graceland, close to Memphis Airport.

The best place to catch a cab was from a downtown hotel. So we did and was asked if we didn't mind sharing the cab.

We said no problem, and Hubert Sumlin gets in, on the way to catch a flight to New Orleans where he had his next gig!

BY the way, the other stars at the festival included Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Etta James, Allman Brothers, Barry White!

Michael Bangar:
Could you elaborate on the festival?

Burton Westerhout:
The Memphis Music Festival (was in mid-April 2000.  The 2-day Festival is held annually in the park just below the end of Beale Street along the Mississippi River. 

There are acts going on simultaneously at two stages and three tents; music was playing all the time!

I went there a second time in 2003 - Hubert played again; also Jerry Lee Lewis, Derek Trucks, Taj Mahal, Iggy Pop!

There are many such music festivals around the world where TOP stars perform. 

(Above story from Mr. Burton Westerhout, a friend of Michael Bangar. This WhatsApp chat was sent by Michael Bangar.
The famous hotel named after Elvis Presley’s earlier hit in the 1950’s. 

The video below from YouTube is a 90’s original hit by Marc Cohn, ‘Walking  In Memphis’.  Cher and Bruce Springsteen have the own versions. 
Due to copyright constraints, the video may not appear on the smart  phone version of this post.
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Burton Westerhout, who was in the Memphis chat above,  is in the black suit with Michael Bangar far right, a determined and dedicated musician. He’s been supplying me with so many stories about the pop music scene yesterday and today. 

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