Thursday, April 11, 2019

Matt Tan From SG 60s 'Fried Ice' Now On Fandalism

Matt Tan, who writes from Canada, was with Fried Ice in the 1960s in Singapore. He is now on a music website called FANDALISM.

He is known now as mattJSLtan.

Influenced greatly by Jimmi Hendrix and Tommy Bolin, Matt has written many times for this blog. You can check him out with his Singapore stories by clicking the Labels connection below this post.

Congratulations Matt.

Below is the connection to fandalism where Matt is with his rock guitar music. He's got plenty of followers, as you can see below, with more to come.

All the best Matt with your site.

Matt Tan Collection.

A very dedicated man to his music, Matt has spent years with his guitars and has been living in Canada since he left Singapore a long time ago. Join him on his music site and be part of his nearly 200 fans (image below). It's a new connection. 

If you knew him earlier when he was in Singapore, you can write to him directly on Fandalism.

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