Friday, April 12, 2019

Andy 60s Music Blog Readership Is Nearly 2 Million

To all my readers from Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter, and email, the viewership could go up to 2 million soon. I appreciate your support for this blog.

Image: AndyYoungArt2019

An Analysis Of Viewership From Major Countries 
Provided By Blogspot Statistics On 13 April 2019:

Comparatively 2 Million Viewers is not a huge amount 
but for an SG music blog, it's satisfying to know the posts are being read.


FACEBOOK said...


Andy Young
Once again, thank you all for the fun and games and for reading the blog. Nothing serious but appreciate the comments and support. Cheers. Oh Angela, Thanks.

Andy Young
Thanks, Fred for your constant support.

Lim Kuan
Wow. Congrats. Keep going, pal.👍

Andy Young
Yes, Min keeping alive with the kids around too. Thanks so much.

Andy Young
Hi Hui Si, With your support, it will reach 2 million sooner. :-) Hui Sui was my student; now she's a pop singer, host and has recorded 3 music CDs in Chinese. Thanks, HS.

Andy Young
Winston, thank you. Cliff all the way.

Andy Young
Ser Kiong, thank you. Like Fred Ching, we've never met. We must, one day?

Andy Young
The LOCOMOTION posting of the band drew many new readers to the blog. Thanks very much.

Freda Hanum
Congratulations Andy so proud of you👍👍👍

Andy Young
Freda, the TEEPEES must be featured on the blog too. SG needs to know about our girl bands. Thanks again.

Freda Hanum
Oooooh, thanks so much for your thoughts...
I am grateful...!!!

Andy Young
Hi Rose and Frank. Thanks for the LIKES. We met at one of the Silver Strings concerts Rose. And Frank, a farm visit soon?

Freda Hanum No... We Teepees are grateful to you Andy

Peter Cheong Congrats Andy up and on!

Andy Young Hey Peter, we should meet for kopi. You live in SG? Yes, "mighty undertaking here..." :-)

Andy Young
I am the one who should be grateful. Let's have a pow-wow soon Freda, on the field outside the teepees. :-) And discuss the history of this fab band.

Freda Hanum
Contact you when I am down let's go for a drink at Oleh Oleh shop at Parkway to meet the rest of them too...that is when you are available

Andy Young
Let me know, Freda. Thanks.

Freda Hanum Andy Young Definitely... Will inform beforehand.

Andy Young
Hi Hiroshi, thanks for the LIKE. You're always a great supporter of SG music besides other ones. Please do a write-up of Japanese pops if you have the time. I would like to learn about them too. Google based information is too general.

Andy Young
Merlin, HANS was like 7 years ago.
When you sail into port again for lunch (promise, no curry-puffs) :-)?
Thanks for the support.

Active Now
Koh Daisy
Well done Andy 👍keep up with the postings.

Andy Young
Hi Daisy, thanks for the encouragement and LIKE.
The huge cabinet of CDs you gave me has a PAUL ANKA album.
I've been playing it 100 times already in the car. :-)

Koh Daisy
Used to be my favorites... Paul Anka, Cliff, Elvis, and the likes... used to blast the vinyl on my Denon player too... then neighbors don’t complain ...we share the music. Now I only listen to them on YouTube or Spotify...
Yes Daisy, it's true. Just enjoy and look ahead. Music is the food to cheer us on. Thanks.

Stephen Han
A few more post and there will be a million viewers.

Koh Daisy
2 million

Andy Young
Hey, Stephen, one of the blog writers who has supported me since. Thanks so much. And we both know it's just fun and games. Nothing personal. :-)

Terence Lee
Number growing Andy.

Andy Young
Hey Ivor. Thanks for the LIKE. Last time we met you accompanied me at OLPS on lead. How are you sir?
Ivor Lesslar I'm Good Andy. Thanks.

Thanks, Ivor.

Andy Young
JIMMY and PERRY too. Thank you. One international guitarist, the other, one of the best SG crooners, next only to his dad. Hey, this is fun. Must make some more posters and flash on FB. Ha, ha.
Then I get all the attention. (Kidding guys!). THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT.

Yip Dick,
It's a musical coup!

Winston Koh
Well done, Andy & Congratulations!

FACEBOOK said...


Stephen Han
Rose Khoo
Winston Koh
Angela Leow
Ann Rowena Lim
Jimmy Appudurai-chua
Hiroshi Deguchi
Foo Jong Fook
Irene Yap
Yip Dick
Ivor Lesslar
Fred Ching
Alphonso Soosay
Charlie Yap Locomotion
Jennie Law
Roop Singh
Richard Danker
Koh Sui Pang
Koh Daisy
Merlin Lim
Top Gunter
Terence Lee
Jalani Mohamed
Frank Tan
Tan Ser Kiong
James Kwok
Stephen Francis
Roop Singh
Perry Koh
Chen Hui Si
Rasiah K Sabai
Jim Boey
Freda Hanum
John Cher
Kali Dass S
Wong KC EuNike