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Christmas Songs 2018: Jackie Evancho, Sia, Mariah Carey, My Lil Snowman, Santa's Coming For Us, O Holy Night


These 3 songs are for all my viewers, friends and support writers who have been reading and helping out with this blog. Thank you and God Bless.
Ray Massey: Daily Mail:

I was looking for new Christmas songs to refresh my blog pages since the current list drew nearly 3,000+ readers i.e., A List of 60 Christmas Songs from the '60s. The figure is encouraging because there are thousands of such lists on the internet. So to create this year's happening I am only highlighting three songs on this post; personal favourites.
Mariah Carey with her Lil Snowman, a real, rock n roll treat for the hots. 

Song One:

The first is by an established singer who needs no introduction. It's with a rock beat and a Christmas roll. And this festive one is called Lil Snowman. With so much heat in his music, the Iceman might just melt. Lyrics are simple, for the children actually, but I love the '60s rock-a-billy rhythm. 

The singer is voluptuous Mariah Carey with a 2017 song. She needs no introduction and has a long hit list. With a music history of 14 studio albums, which includes a soundtrack and two Christmas ones, the second of which has this song. It is very Elvis, very Chuck Berry with that cling cling cling jazz. 

Lil Snowman is by Maria Carey. It's got that 60's rock n roll beat Seniors love? 

YouTube Video from Payton Samuels. Thank you.

Song Two:

Another Christmas new song is by a lady called Sia - no not Singapore Airlines - but just Sia. She is from Down Under and is everything that a singer needs to be: she's a producer, a director, etc. She does pop genres and acid jazz. And this festive number is a hit. 

Lady singer Sia, great show lady with that kinda song today's people love to hear.

She has a powerful voice and it's called Santa's Coming For Us in off-beat pop which is well-received today. It made the charts and was popular especially in Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Japan and South Korea. 

I doubt any bearded friend will come to visit us since our apartments are devoid of chimneys. But who knows, with flying electric cars being produced soon, he might just stop by our balconies or windows (first image).

Lady singer Sia, great show lady with Santa's Coming For Us. Merry Xmas. Video from Jinx Promotion. Thank you.

Song Three:

When youth sing the classics. Born at the beginning of this century, she's only 18 and was discovered by America's Got Talent in 2010 at the age of 10. She's one of the youngest debut artiste in US music history. 

In the same year, she recorded O Holy Night and the classic became an overnight success. Her rendition claimed #1 on the Billboard Classical Album Chart. Young, fresh and a very pretty girl, Ms Jacqueline Marie, Jackie Evancho has all the ingredients to be a success in the music field. 
Jacqueline Marie, Jackie Evancho: a flawless voice, strong, pure and vibrant.

What I love most is her clear, strong, pure and vibrant voice; so listen to her interpretation of a song that brings new meaning to the phrase, holy night. It doesn't sound like a commercial package. 

According to a composer, her voice has no flaw in it. Ms Evancho is also known as a classical crossover artiste. To me, it's just a label, coined to suit. She can carry any song.

Check out YouTube and listen to her interpretation of the Phantom of the Opera favourite, Music of the Night. Meantime, here she is from yours sincerely.


Jacqueline Marie, Jackie Evancho has all the ingredients to be a success in the music field. She sings O Holy Night. Video from Jackie Evancho World. Thank you.

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