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The Great British 60's Music Invasion Part 3 By Michael Bangar

Check it out below. The continuation of Part 1 and 2. He remembers most as he unravels again the 60's music makers that had made a monumental effect in our own backyard. The influence from the west will never be forgotten. Thank you, Michael.
Jo Stafford and Peggy Lee, two songbirds from the 50's, render sweet love melodies.

Across the Atlantic in the USA in the early 60's, the first generation of Rock n Roll Stars had faded. The US hit parade still consisted of the old singing stars like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Frankie Laine, Andy Williams and female stars like Doris Day, Rosemary Clooney, Jo Stafford, Peggy Lee (image: above), Ella Fitzgerald. 

The newer pop stars were Frankie Avalon, Fabian (Forte), Bobby Rydell, Brian Hyland, Bobby Vee, Johnny Tillotson. Female Stars like Little Peggy March, Leslie Gore, Little Eva, Linda Scott. The Beach Boys were the new creative and exciting band at the time together with Simon and Garfunkel. They all dominated the US Music Charts. 
Calling themselves, The Band, a Canadian/American group from Toronto.

At the time there was a great unknown group that was formed in Canada making the rounds there and the US called The Band. Also paying his dues and doing the circuit the great Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman).

Then in 1962, in the UK occurred a musical phenomenon that will change music in general forever. No other musical entity from any genre has ever repeated this.

In 1959, a few young lads formed a band and did a gig (a school fete), doing their cover versions of early R n R and pop hits of the time. Calling themselves The Quarrymen, they were led by a young John Lennon who got the group together with his schoolmates. 
The Quarrymen - That'll Be The Day recorded on 14 July 1958. Video from MaryanneLily.

A friend of Paul McCartney's insisted he gave them a listen. On hearing that Paul could play music, John called him up on stage to jam.  The Beatles or The Silver Beetles at first - a tribute to Buddy Holly's band - The Crickets, were from Liverpool, England. 

John was impressed with Paul's guitar playing, fascinated by his left-handed technique. Paul recommended another guitar - playing school friend of his who could play Duane Eddy's guitar instrumental "Raunchy" note for note. His name: George Harrison so they tried him out and John liked what he heard. And that's how the nucleus of The early Silver Beatles came about. 

All 3 played the guitar at first. John wanted his handsome, part-time model, non-musical buddy Stuart Sutcliffe in the band. So they brought him in on the bass guitar where they had to teach him all the bass lines of songs they did.
The Silver Beatles: Do you know the difference in the line-up? One member is different?

They then had an offer to go play in Hamburg, Germany and became a 5pce. Band when they added Pete Best on drums.  Germany is where they did their apprenticeship, playing many long sets nightly to mostly American troops stationed there. 

They covered and picked up Many Genres Of Music, along the way polishing their craft. Jazz, Blues, early Rock n Roll, C n W, the Pop of the period, Latin, European Languages songs, even some Classical Stuff. They worked very hard at perfecting their music. When they were given requests for songs they couldn't do, they worked on it and made sure they could play it the next time it was requested. 

On their free time, they would go to another club to watch a band called Rory Storm n The Hurricanes whose drummer fascinated them. His name: Ringo Starr ( real name Richard Starkey ).
Rory Storm and The Hurricanes with drummer Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr) before he joined The Beatles.

Written by Michael Bangar, this posting will continue to Part 4 and 5.

Images: Google.

Below is information regarding The Silver Beatles, which is why, photographs with the 5 together, are not readily available. Thanks to rockonvinyl below who writes from Melbourne, Australia.
The Silver Beatles in 1960, auditioning before Larry Parnes. Left is Stu Sutcliffe,
who had just joined the group. At the time he could hardly play bass which he is
trying to keep his back to the audience. John, Paul and George are in the foreground, trying very hard. The drummer, looking very bored, is Johnny Hutch who stood-in at the last moment as they arrived without a drummer.

Source: rockonvinyl.blogspot.com



It's always interesting and enjoyable to read about the group once I looked up to and wanted to be like.


Singapore was also invaded with British Band like The Hollies,Herman Hermits,Freddie and The Dreamers,Dave Clark 5,Rolling Stones ,Helen Shapiro and the popular Cliff Richard and The Shadows.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi guys, thanks so much for the comments and the LIKEs. And Hiroshi and Stephen. You're both right about these 60s musicians; they're so great you just wanna be like them and the BRITISH INVASION in Singapore was unbelievable.


Thanks to both ANDY and MIKE, we get to know how the BEATLES was formed.


Interesting read. Thanks, Andy!

I love everything about THE BEATLES and that mop haircut, that was the craze back then.! Till today a mop-top would make me turn my head!!


Hey Bro,

I thought of you when I read what Mark Linton wrote.
A real Brother walks with you when the rest of the world walks on you.


Hi Andy,

If I may sum it up in a sentence my perception of the Beatles as a 14-15-year-old in '63 '64. The Beatles were more sophisticated and talented than they sound. Cheerio.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Yes, Michael. Precise and well-placed adjectives to describe the Fab Four. You're a gem! Thank you.

FL said...

Beatlemania exploded during my secondary school years, and the youths then imitated them with Beatles haircuts and wearing Beatles shoes, etc. Rediffusion was the best source for youngsters like myself and others to listen to the latest pop songs, and also, the popular songs request programs.


First known as THE SILVER BEETLES then SILVER BEATLES and then finally BEATLES, as john put the emphasis on their BEAT music.


Oliver B is 100% correct. First Silver Beetles then silver Beatles then just THE GREAT BEATLES with John Lennon emphasizing on the word BEAT.

Later when they became famous, when John was asked, "Why Beatles?"

His reply, "It's just a name. We could have been called 'The Shoes!'

Ha ha ha. Joker!

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John Cher
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Not forgetting the Yardbirds Manfred Mann the Kinks Crispian st peters the Walker brothers the honeycombs Quotations David Bowie deep purple Bee Gees

The list of British Bands performing at the former National Theatre was a long one. I watched The Bee Gees there and Helen Shapiro at the BMH.


I played with Crescendos supporting Herman hermits at the National Theatre. An experience I shall never forget.


The list of British Bands performing at the former National Theatre was a long one. I watched The Bee Gees there and Helen Shapiro at the BMH.


I had seen the Crescendos and Herman Hermits and you too...

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Wow!!! Those were exciting years. Thanks, guys. Please carry on the chit-chat. Just shows what Seniors, band lovers and musicians do many years ago.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in, both on Facebook and on this blog.


Haha, my first time on a big stage. I was so nervous to start with. The bass guitar player from the HERMITS told me to go and just enjoy myself.

FL said...

During the sixties and seventies, our local young bands were influenced by the rise of many British and American pop bands. Many of us attended the pop concerts either any the old National Theatre or Spore Badminton Hall back then.