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Kallang Theatre Rock n Roll Music Festival

Photographs From
Rock and Roll Music Festival 
Kallang Theatre 23 December 2017
Jerry and The Neu Faces, The Silver Strings, 
The Dukes, The Beejays, The Easy Beats, The Revival Band.

The cast for the show that evening, 6 bands, including 2 lady singers with one MC in charge. That's the man in red, Jerry Fernandez. (Top two pix were taken from Kallang Theatre AAC Facebook).

(A) The snapshots below have been taken by the musicians themselves using their mobile phones or cameras, and are not clear. 

I have only downloaded what has been sent to me. Please do so if you wish them posted on this blog.

The Revival Band are back again. Let's have more of them after Kallang.

The Easy Beats with their two lady singers, one in a resplendent red gown and the other with boots that are made for walking.
60's recording stars, The Dukes, all looking smart in their fancy vests.
Projection of the Silver Strings on the Kallang Theatre backdrop during the rehearsals.
Jerry and The Neu Faces taking a breather during practice. It's one of the most recognised band in Singapore and current too.

The Beejays performed at the Kallang to much excitement and cheer.

The man himself, producer, MC, bandleader and singer of the Neu Faces, Jerry Fernandez.

The Silver Strings during practice with the official cameraman at work. The backdrops are astounding.
From left: Rickie Chng, lead guitarist, John Cher, drummer and Andy blogger at the lobby, before the show

The decorated lobby of the Kallang Theatre that evening.

(B) The rest of the pictures below have been taken officially by the organisers of the show and can be viewed at Kallang Theatre AAC Facebook account:

The keyboard personality who sings Queen like no one can, Nicholas Stravens.

Name the song and he'll sing and play it for you. Michael Bangar, many songs, anytime.
A shot on stage, accompanied by a band of professionals, Andy the amateur singer. With Audie, Michael and Nick.

Rickie Chng focuses on what he has to deliver. 

Bossman, bassman, Audie Ng's been at it for 55 years plus. The Paul McCartney guitar is a new toy he acquired. 

John Cher collects friends like he does the different rhythms he plays on his drums, plenty of them. Just check out his Facebook.

Andy had a forceful backing from his bandmates. He thanks them for their superb accompaniment.

The Dukes with Zainal Abidin leading the group. Cool and comfy: that's Capt. Z.

Here's Cath Wee.  Her boots are made for walking and strutting the floor with The Easy Beats as she sings the Nancy Sinatra pop hit.

Red means danger, here comes the big man, Jerry Fernandez leading the Kallang pack that night with his powerhouse singing.

Jerry's band for many years, The Neu Faces provided the oomph for the festival. Closing number for this Christmas Festival, Feliz Navidad.

The Beejays have always been in the limelight, with their fab sound and stage performances. 

From the Easybeats, this lady in red named Jessica Koo, sultry and smooth, lighted up the stage that evening.

The Revival Band in resplendent black suits and matching silver buttons knocked the audience with their rock melodies.

Since this blog is a personal one and some photos are from Kallang Theatre Facebook, I have only posted a selection. Please inform blogger if the images are copyrights and they will be deleted immediately. 

Other band photos can be found on The Kallang Theatre ACC Facebook account.



Hi Andy,

Thanks for the New Year greetings, and also a very Happy New Year 2018 to you too. The photos of the show were great and it looked like a very good night indeed. You covered all the artistes, while the hall and audience looked great in colour. So Audie has a Beatle bass now and he really looks occupied and having a ball playing it. Good to see the other bands also being part of the festive show and I must say well done to all of you.

Once again thanks.



Hi bro, it's always a pleasure reading your blog and I wish you a very happy New Year.
Thank you and god bless.


Thanks!! Blessed and Healthy New Year to you too

Steve Gan


Seasons greetings Andy!
Good to hear from you again.

All best wishes for your blog and a happy and healthy 2018 to you!



ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

With drummer JOHN CHER'S connection, this post drew 133 (2/1/2018) friends and fans on his FACEBOOK PAGE.

133 is a lot of people, considering we are not a commercial entity.

Thanks to JOHN and all who replied.

Many more comments coming soon.


RnR alive and well in Singapore. as our own Neil Young says, "hey hey rock n roll will never die !"(btw, Neil was born in Saskatchewan where i played my first pro gig with a band called Winterfield the first month i arrived). and while still speaking of RnR, Matt Tan has been "discovered & re-defined" as Experimental Rock Music Creator by the esteemed Emerging Indie Bands.
2 accolades in 2 days. the 1st here by Andy, and now Tim of EIB. great start to 2018!
The Dog is going to be a good year for EXPERIMENTALism , huh?

deepika said...

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