Saturday, June 03, 2017

Andy 60's Music And What It Stands For

In case the reader forgets what I wrote this blog for, please read my profile (connection below). It must be explained again that this blog has no commercial value as it stands because I do not want it to be sponsored in any way. 

Do NOT use any of the articles on this blog unless you have written permission from me officially as I may want to publish a book one day using the information provided. Although I have included some articles from the Internet, I have credited most of them. If  I have not done so, and if they belong to you, please write to me under the latest/current COMMENT page and I shall delete the posting immediately. Again, there is no intention of stealing articles or committing plagiarism. 

All photographs, images from the Internet, Google, etc. are used only for its specific purpose on each posting on the blog. There is no intention to use these images anywhere else. Write to me on the latest/current COMMENT page and I shall delete them immediately if there is any objection.

There may be instances when guest writers publish articles because I have asked them to. Their opinions are not mine and I cannot be responsible for their writing. At most I shall delete the posting if necessary.

This notice has been written in all fairness and from the heart. Again, write to me about any doubts that you may have and I shall attend to them with you soonest and personally.

Do enjoy the blog.

Yours sincerely,


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