Friday, June 02, 2017

Fashion 60's: Singers In Carnaby Street Garb

Check them out, my dear readers. Who are they? You know most of them. But check their clothes. Psychedelic patterns, prim and proper business suits, bell-bottoms pants, flowered shirts, a-go-go dresses and even guys with ponytails.
No kidding, colourful 60's fashion that follow into the 70's...

 Sonny and Cher = flower motifs and strong stripes, broad belts, mop hair.
 Boy George = 70's, hat, ponytails, striped shirt, lipstick n fake eye-lashes.
 Naomi, The Boys = full suits, narrow ties, narrow belts, leather shoes.
 The Beatles = Psychedelia in vogue. No match.
Rita Chao and Sakura = A-Go-Go dresses
The Expressions = flowered shirts, the best.
1973 when they were playing at the Octopus Bar in Princess Garni Hotel.
Front row: James Puah - Moses Tay - Richard - Back row - Peter Richards -Jimmy Fong and Cedric  Cork.

Usman Bersaudara =  Indonesian group bell bottoms and colourful Ts, with long, long hair. Bagaimana rambut-nya panjang bener? (Why is the hair so long?)

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