Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tropicana The Musical Tan Kheng Hua Connected Friends

No need to review production. The people on duty already drew the crowd: Beatrice Chia (director), Lim Yu Beng, Karen Tan, writer Haresh Sharma, etc, etc.
With a great cast like that and the reverberations of new compositions and lyrics about the 60's, it's already a big success.
My post is just about how one lady, with her magic, SMSed us and...

Friends connected during the performances of Tropicana The Musical at the Capitol Cinema. It all started with award winning best actress of the year 2017  and producer of the show, Tan Kheng Hua inviting a few music people and others who lived those years, for a sit-in at the commencement of the production to discuss 60's music and the Tropicana nightclub.

Then surprise, surprise, she invited us to the show.

Pictures on the night of 15th April, 2017.
With 2017 award winning actress, Tan Kheng Hua, with Andy Young, George Chew (The Burns lead guitarist) before Tropicana the Musical performance at the Capitol Theatre.

With George Chew, Andy Young, Larry Lai, Rediffusion DJ and wife Selina, and the maestro himself, musician drummer, singer, Louis Soliano during the buffet dinner.

Andy with Kheng Hua, Anthony AhKim, international hairstylist, Ms Ann King, a former Miss Singapore 80's, at Corpthone King Hotel.  This gathering was a tea-break for new friends way before the performances at the Capitol.
And with Vernon Cornelius, frontman of The Quests, who still looks as youthful.
The pre-production meeting of Tropicana with Andy Young
AhKim Anthony, Larry Lai and The Straydogs and Jimmy Appudurai-chua.

The show itself, was a totally Singapore experience, and one of the best local musicals I've seen these last two years.
Thanks to Kheng Hua for the invitation.
The night ended with George Chew and I rushing to the Conrad Hotel, Singapore to watch 60's band, The Silver Strings perform their last 5 or 6 songs. Pix is a side view.

Images: Andy Young Collection.

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matt tan mjst zbraxing(canada) said...

yes, i remember Tropicana very well. i played there as a sub for the regular lounge pianist lady who was away to have her baby delivered. Michael of 10thStorey the one person responsible for making the original Fried Ice trio to be so enigmatic due to his hard work of finding us contracts at Wisma Noyes, as well as the bases and SAS, asked me during a rehearsal at his studio if i could help him with the last minute sub. he said he remembered i was a folk singer who passed the audition with Philips Mr Lee H King to recorded an EP of my own folk tunes in the vein of Dylan and Donovan. naturally i accepted, how could i refused the man who had given Fried Ice so much, including free use of Marshall amps and later to endorse his own 10th Storey amps, as well as have Ahmad and the other nice people to be our roadies. We did not even have to carry anything but walk on stage like "superstars" (thanks for the dream come true Michael). I also had a wonderful time at the Tropicana Lounge during that short stint.