Saturday, April 29, 2017

Join Silver Strings For A Beautiful Sunday

                       AGAIN, THE COLOURFUL
            SILVER STRINGS 
                                  ON STAGE
                                             21ST MAY, 2017
                    SUNDAY MORNING
                                           10.30 AM
Band will perform a new repertoire of pop hits and instrumentals. With a surprise on stage. Ritchie, our new lady singer.

Meet them all. Get your autograph books ready.

Who's Who (Image):
Andy Purple: Vocals
Audie Blue: Band Leader, Bass 
Nick Black: Keyboard, Vocals
Michael White: Rhythm, Vocals
John Red: Drums 
Rickie Light Blue: Lead
Meet them in person: two writers for this blog, John and Michael. 
Audie is the band leader, plans the schedules, etc., 
Nick is Singapore's LOBO, our sound expert;
Rickie writes the scores for the group.
Ritchie, our new lady on stage.
You need to visit this place if you haven't. Huge, spacious and a place to rock and roll.



Hi brother Albert. Thank you kindly for being the first to respond. Have a great Sunday! God bless!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Albert, SK, Jon, Dicky, John, Audie and Nick. :-) On John Cher's FB, his friend support goes faster than a cash counting machine. Whatever that means.

ROSE KHOO said...

I will be there hopefully bringing 2 friends; ardent fan of The Silver Strings
Hopefully can take a photo w the band

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

No problem Rose. We'll make sure you get your pix with the band. It's honour for us.:-)

Thank you all for the response. Overwhelming. I think with such support from John's and Audie's friends and all your comments, we hope you will join us that Sunday morn.

List of supporters below from FB.

FACEBOOK said...

James Lee
Richard Danker
Bert Fern
Rose Khoo
Stephen Han
Leslie Wilson Joseph
Leonard De Cotta
Jimmy Appudurai-chua
Johnny Yeow
Tan Soo Khoon
Jon Goh
Albert Wong Ong Cheng
Terence Lee
Molly Catherine
Toy Wasinee
Sharon Liew
Ma Roselle Ducay
Elsie Ho
Tin Leong Lim
Victor De Silva
Eddy Chew
Rani Tofani
Jennie Law
Roop Singh
Ceccille Durantes
Doreen Lim
Tommy Gomes
Chan Wong-on
Koh Sui Pang
Dicky Low