Monday, March 13, 2017

Ms Dawn Tan: Meeting CNA's Nightly News Anchor

                                  Dawn Karen Tan Senior Producer/Presenter @ Mediacorp.

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28th October, 2020.
DAWN TAN is in the US now covering the TRUMP/BIDEN ELECTION 2020, which concludes on 3rd NOVEMBER. All the best Dawn. Singapore CNA sent the best broadcast journalist in town. 

It was a chance meeting today encountering the sweetest lady from Singapore's top news channel. So it was a Hullo and, 'My wife and I watch you nightly on Channel 106 CNA's 10 pm news.'

Statuesque, Ms Tan was in a resplendent red dress, one that suited her pleasant, strong but modest personality. She was looking lost and using her mobile phone but I couldn't help her to find her way since I was not familiar with Star Vista because the last time I visited the place it was to watch *Tony Bennett in 2013, about four years ago. 

I met her outside the food court and we managed a Selfie together which she so willingly obliged. Yes, I was focusing at the control button of the iPhone rather than at
the camera lens.

But she looks great don't you think?

Thank you, Ms Tan. 

The comment I made above on her Facebook on 2nd March 2017. This image is beautiful. The first thought that comes to mind, "Finally, the long-awaited side view of the Mona Lisa." And that's the truth.
                           'Mona Lisa' by Nat Cole. Video: Dianavblog

Latest news from Dawn Tan:

"The main character of the documentary showed great courage agreeing to go on this journey to search for the truth with me about the collection of Chinese bronzes his father left to him. It remains my hope that in agreeing to tell the world, it has lightened his burden a little. I think we can all identify, even in a small way, with having a dream come true." 

Bronze - A Forgotten Treasure. 

According to Dawn, it's her first documentary as host, etc. 

From her Facebook post during her trip to the US covering the Trump/Biden Election 2020 November. Thanks Dawn. 
Dawn Karen Tan CNA on duty in the US in November 2020 after the Trump/Biden Election.


henri gann said...

...a nice shot Andy even though you appear to be a little nervous :)

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...



Your comment on her pix is spot on.

SPYeo (a frequent contributor) said...

Wow you just conferred on her the title, "Mona Lisa of the East, Singapore." She must be very bewitchingly beautiful in your eyes... Intoxicated by her Mona Lisa smile??? How envious!


Congrats Andy. Now you are very popular.

LIM KUAN MIN said...

Lady Luck Andy😊

JAMES SEAH said...

Hi Andy Lim,

so lucky you met Lady Luck Dawn Karen Tan who is my favorite MediaCorp presenter, producer and sweetest news reader. So nice ☺

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks James.

You are right. She is a favourite with many viewers. Is there a Nielsen rating for news anchors? She will hit the top.

DAWN TAN said...

Hi Andy can you tag me also so I can see it? Thanks!


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DAWN TAN (Producer, Anchor: CHANNEL NEWS ASIA) said...

A chance meeting with FB friend and Channel News Asia viewer Andy Young while filming for Money Mind at Star Vista. Great seeing you Andy!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you all readers and supporters.

400 plus viewers in less than a day.



Hey! I interviewed Andy before.


Dawn Tan co-hosts Singapore Tonight, a programme that delivers local news and business updates.

Her media career began when she and several friends started London’s first free bilingual magazine while studying at the University of Middlesex. She has more than 18 years’ experience as a writer, worked for Euromoney, before returning to Singapore to join the Business Times.

She has interviewed many personalities: Sir Peter Ustinov, President SR Nathan, Gloria
Arroyo, Arundathi Roy, Marina Mahathir and Ray Charles. Dawn is an accomplished writer with nine titles to her name. Her first book was a bestseller Khameleon: The Elyamani Khamis Story (1993).

Trekking the Himalayan foothills in search of tigers and elephants, she enjoys Ashtanga yoga, Krav Maga and goes everywhere with her camera.

From CNA Website


Hi Andy,
Do u have the Nestle milk jingle in English, it goes like "Grow tall little man/Don't fall little man/You've got a lot of growing to do"

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Just sent you the connection Adrian. Hope you enjoy it.

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Unknown said...

Hi Andy. Just notice that Dawn and yourself have knocked Peter Chua down to the second spot on TOP TEN POSTS OF THE WEEK. So in some ways, I wish you did not have the chance encounter... haha

Congrats Dawn and Andy !

All the best !


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Yes it's true John. I was thinking about putting up the post on Dawn at a later date. Perhaps I should have done so. She is very very popular.

Her readers have amounted to nearly 600 in two days beating the whole month's top ten list by a wide margin.

Thanks to all readers on Facebook and blog who have written in.

Both John and I are glad everyone's reading about her.

matt tan (ex fried ice bass vocals) said...

Hello from Canada,
Such a lovely looking lady... Dawn TAN...
is she a Tan by birth or married to a Tan???
If the former, we could be related ..
after all, she's almost as lovely as I am !!!
(just kidding, Andy, a fine lady she is!!!)

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

2,000 views already for this Dawn Tan Posting.
Man, she's a pop star, isn't she?

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

3,600 viewers to date. And the temperature's rising. And as I've explained on her Facebook post: "the only personality news piece that could beat Mahathir's."


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

DAWN TAN carried off the TRUMP/KIM SUMMIT news announcements and interviews with the punch and panache nobody could have. Steve Lai was a great coordinator too during these sessions.

A truly dynamic duo.


Andy Young
You and Simon Marks. Fantastic chemistry; truly admirable. And that red/black outfit, wifey says it just spells you - strong, charming, confident. All the best Dawn, keep warm and come home safe. If you see that Trump cap...😊Cheers.

Dawn Karen Tan
Andy Young 😁🙏🏻 thanks for your support and Please thank your wife for me too 💕

Richard Khan
Covid19 has beaten Trump not Biden so let the Loser go after the virus😂

Nora Tann
Great coverage. Thank you, Dawn. You seemed tired. It's bn long days. Take care and safe journey back.💐

Jimmy Appudurai-chua
Well done by Karen xx


Andy Young
oh, hi karen.
home now, or still in dc.
i was hoping to see the trump cap on the counter.

Dawn Karen Tan
Andy Young still in US!

Andy Young
Hi Dawn.
That's a great holiday you're having.
I think we're missing you on CNA.
More fashion parade and hairdos than news nowadays but love Otelli E., Jill N. and Steve L. Cheers.

Dawn Karen Tan
Andy Young hope you’re keeping well .
Covid situation improving in Singapore and a few other places.
Let’s hope for an accelerated global response so the world can put this pandemic behind us in a way that will likely mean globally being able to live with this and move on.

Andy Young
That's with the LORD's Blessings, Dawn.
Thanks for the chat.