Sunday, March 19, 2017

Jimi Hendrix Of Singapore: Ray Anthony & Fried Ice


Hood's Bar n Cafe: Bugis/Victoria Street, Singapore: 19/3/2017 @ 2pm:

Here they are folks, guitarist, writer and today's photographer,  Michael Bangar and Silver Strings rhythmist with Ray Anthony, who is also known as Singapore's Jimi Hendrix. He is a south-paw, like a boxer i.e., a left handed guitarist.

It's a scoop. The group Fried Ice who accompanies Rayis still playing at a venue in Victoria Street now. Gerry Bheem is on the drums and Felly Chitran on bass. 

And the audience in the afternoon at two when they gathered at this place in Victoria Street. Lim Kiang, Jimmy Appadurai and John Cher, the man who's everywhere.

Images: Michael Bangar and John Cher Copyrights Reserved.


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henri gann said...

Ray Anthony of Singapore playing Jimmy Hendrix ?
OMG ! ...that had to be quite a "trip" !

A few years ago, my brother John who lives in Singapore asked me " Who's Jimmy Hendrix" ??? The first tune that instantly came into my mind was " Foxy Lady."

I remember the feeling when I first heard Hendrix in the radio of my '66 Ford Mustang in LA. I was instantly floored by his guitar playing. The year was 1967. The DJs were raving over the happenings at the Monterey Pop Festival. When I was playing the guitar with the Trekkers in the early 60s, distorted amplifiers were negatively thought of as inadequate amplification. And here, Hendrix was able to turn all that distorted guitar sound into very beautiful sounding music. Years later, while at a guitar store when I saw a young kid playing Hendrix with the new Guitar God device, I instantly wished I could be that kid.
Hendrix was indeed the rare guitarist of the century; the star that showed up in our Galaxy once in a lifetime. And as Ed Vulliami from the Guardian stated "...he was the only guitarist who could think of playing like the blues musician Muddy Waters and rock guitarist Albert King combined."

matt tan (co-founder fried ice) (now MJST on cbc canada) said...

correction - albert king is not a rock guitarist,
he is also a blues guitarist , along with the other King(s)..
freddie and bb.
in fact, born under a bad sign, the tune more well-known by cream
and many tunes by the great stevie ray vaughn were tunes from
albert king's albums.
when srv became famous, the press said he could play like hendrix.
it was wrong, too, srv did not play like jimi, they both got
influenced by the same people viz albert king, buddy guy,
lonnie mack, etc. same applies to the even greater johnny winter.
jimi, srv, johnny, etc.. all came from the same school..
they did not play better than albert, bb, freddie,
... just louder ;)

matt tan zbraxing MJST from canada said...

i like to say that it is really nice to hear that my old friend and co-founder of fried ice ray anthony is still playing music. i have had quit playing pub night with cerberus in saskatchewan to the border of US, to record my own music selling them locally in the ottawa before joining indie music site in 1993 releasing several cds as matt tan ,zbraxing, topograf, etc ) before completely trading my guitar for a camera.
but having been told by andy that ray is still playing, incited my inner fire, as carlos santana calls it , that i went to buy an epiphone les paul tribute , even though i couldn't afford it LOL, to come out of retirement. haven't picked up a guitar in xx years (2017-1998), even a godin lenny breau guitar in 2012 sat so long as mantelpiece for my photography that my traynor battery amp died on me from neglect.
anyway, i bought a vox 10 w practise amp and started composing some jazz tunes
but with encouragement of news from andy, i decided also to jam some blues standards
and now since mid march last month, i now have 12 jimi hendrix jam tunes
including 2 acoustic versions recorded last night and uploaded already "round midnight" ( a quote in salute of jazz god thelonius monk)...
on my cbc music sites and a dozen original jazz comps
all just solo guitar(s) and weird zappa stlye vocals.
well, as jimi says, today is the day for me to fly.. and if i set the world
on fire, it's only you andy and ray anthony to blame... because i never
thought of playing other peoples' music until now.