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Chuck Berry RIP 1926-2017 Father of Rock n Roll

Mr Chuck Berry: 1926 - 2017 (90 years).

Chuck Berry, who died 18 March 2017 was described by John Lennon with this unforgettable statement: If you tried to give rock n roll another name, you might call it Chuck Berry.

I remember going to HMV at Orchard Road in February 2009 to get the 3-CD Set of Chuck Berry The Ultimate Collection (image below). It was the second last piece and there was another guy beside me wanting to buy the same set. We smiled at each other and paid the Cashier.

With nearly 30 songs by the man who was highly respected by the King himself, the list included the great anthems, Johnny B. Goode, Roll Over B, Rock n Roll Music, Maybellene, My Ding-A-Ling, Sweet Little Sixteen and two dozen others. 

But the number of songs he recorded is far beyond this figure. Chuck Berry recorded about 531 songs altogether. Don't you think he should be The King instead? But being dubbed, The Father of Rock n Roll means he's father to the King.

Now this great man is gone too. But he has a particular place to go. It's to the Promised Land (not the one in the lyrics) and You Never Can Tell because he will perform again when he has his great gig in the sky with Elvis and the rest of the Go Go Go gang.

In Singapore since the late 1950's nearly every guitar group and combo band had played Chuck Berry's compositions. The Cyclones, Siva and James, The Silver Strings, The Esquires and others would have done at least, Johnny B. Goode on stage. 

Just yesterday (20/03/2017) on stage, in a large bar and auditorium at Victoria Street, Ray Anthony - the Jimmy Hendrix of Singapore - performed the song as a tribute to Berry. 

So, Chuck Berry isn't gone. He's still around, everywhere.

Rest In Peace Sir. 

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JOEY KOH (the Canadian Connection) said...

May Chuck Berry (the legendary founder of Rock and Roll) soul rest in peace.


You got the news so fast. Real legend. JBGoode.


Saw him in LA Chinatown Restaurant once.

From ABC News:

Legendary musician Chuck Berry dead at 90

(Henri Gann lives in LA, California).


Thank you bro, for this priceless information. Can you imagine that big gig up there? Berry, Presley, Hendrix, Lennon, Jackson, Houston, Nat Cole, Crosby, etc. RIP GUYS.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for those many, many, many years of great music. It made living on earth a little bit more fun.

Cheers, Bro Andy.


RIP Chuck Berry, Rock n Roll pioneer and legend. Another piece of my youth has left for eternity.


Kwandy Yao
Kong Kim Pah
Jalani Mohamed
Leslie Wilson Joseph
Merlin Lim
Joseph Goh
John Cher

matt tan (ex fried ice bass vocals) said...

Another bites the dust, really!!!
But to be honest, Chuck Berry was never much of an influence to me,
as much as Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers were my first influences.
As a musician, it was actually Jack Bruce who got me into Power Rock
and Cream who got me into playing and singing. I first wanted to play lead guitar
but after listening to Jeff Beck's Truth, I gave up on the idea.
But it was really Peter Banks (and Steve Howe) of Yes who got me interested in
trying to play lead guitar. Yes , if you remember opened for Cream at their farewell concert. When it was also for me , farewell to playing bass and power rock.
At this time of the season re sadly departed, it was the passing of Larry Coryell
that I weep most. Larry was the one who convinced me after I moved to Canada,
that I should forget about playing rock and jump started my career as as fusion guitarist. I joined my first band in Canada playing Larry Coryell instead of Ritchie Blackmore when the band Winterfield played Smoke on the water.
Lest we forget, here are others who passed on, who were bigger influences to me...
Greg Lake , Keith Emerson (ELP, Nice, KingCrimson), Chris Squire (Yes), Jaco Pastorius (Weather Report), Ollie Halsall (Tempest, Patto, Boxer)... and not forgetting Jan Akkerman (Focus) and the great Paco De Lucia.
Cheers Andy! As always, a wonderful contributor to Singapore's music chronicle.
"Jia You"(mandarin).. keep it up!!!


I like Chuck's no 1 novelty song, My Ding A Ling ha ha

Srivatsan Ramakrishnan said...

Earth's loss is Heaven's gain. Everyone there will be enjoying their Ding a Ling a Lings and his out of this world music.


RIP Chuck


Good Rock and Roll Music---Hope we have more of Chuck Berry Music.-to follow now that Chuck has left us.

henri gann said...

Here's my tribute to Chuck Berry from the various news report...

From Bob Seger " Berry was the father of the ageless music that changed the world "
From Jerre Hester of Entertainment News... " Using a mere three chords, Berry redefined music and the power and possibility of youth."

Keith Richard discovered in his teen years that a guy he knew from primary school Mick Jagger was also an avid collector of Chuck Berry's records like himself.

John Lennon once said " If you tried to give Rock and Roll another name, you might called it " Chuck Berry ."

In " Hail, Hail, Rock N Roll " , Jerre Hester of Entertainment News reported that the Beatles " I Saw Her Standing There " had its bass line borrowed from Berry " Talking About You " and " Come Together " had its opening lines from Berry's " You can't Catch Me."

From Hillel Italie, an AP National Writer ..." What will the alien think when they hear Chuck Berry " Johnny B Goode " in the 1970s era Voyager Spacecraft now in Space"
Hillel also listed the hits that are inspired and had Berry's guitar work:
Rod Stewart " Hot Legs " and " Stay With Me "
Beach Boys " Fun, Fun, Fun " and " I Get Around "
Eagles " Peaceful Easy Feeling "
Whos " Who Are You "
Rolling Stones " Brown Sugar "
Bob Segers " Get Out Of Denver " and " Rock N Roll Never Forgets"
Credence Clearwater " It Came Out Of The Sky "
Bruce Springstein " Born To Run "

As for Chuck Berry the poet, Bob Dylan called him the " Shakespeare Of Rock N Roll " fit for a Nobel Prize

Finally Chuck Berry was the first musician ever inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1986 ahead of James Brown, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Fats Domino, The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and Elvis Presley.
At that time, it was said that " after Elvis, only Chuck Berry had more influence on the formation and development of Rock N Roll .

Chuck Berry final studio album will be released June 16 and will include his version of what else but "Lady B Goode."

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks to all for comments, especially Matt Tan (Canada) and Henri Gann (California USA) for the detailed information they both provided regarding the stars involved.

Without your help and interest this blog would be out of place as a music site.