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Olympic Games Hit Songs Since 1960's

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Joseph Schooling won the first Gold Medal for Singapore for the Men's 100 Meters Butterfly (Swimming) Finals in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on Friday 12th August.
It's done with lots of love," says his father.

                   John Lennon sings Imagine: London Olympics 2012
Songs I Love:

Even with sleepy eyes I enjoy watching champions compete during the present Olympics Games (5th of August - 21st August, 2016).  Nothing beats this arena of the best sports people in the world. 

But through the years, the event also reminds me of the many songs performed during the opening and closing ceremonies for both the Summer and Winter Meets. Some of these songs recorded by international artistes have been specially composed for the occasion while others are classic hits selected for their specific themes. 
                                         Vinyl Record Cover

The many top stars who contributed their songs and services include: Long John Baldry, Harry Chapin, John Williams, Whitney Houston, Sarah Brightman, Freddie Mercury, Celine Dion, Gloria Estafan, John Lennon and Brian May.

The ones I have listed below are those I personally like and taken from a site on the Net. I have started with songs from the 1960's, an appropriate year for this blog's listing.  

You may know some of them like, Nadia's Theme which is Theme from The Young and The Restless, Olympic Fanfare by John Williams, One Moment In Time by Whitney HoustonAmigo Para Siempre from Sarah Brightman. Then there's John Lennon's  Imagine, Vengelis' Chariots of Fire, Queen's, We Will Rock You and the Beatles, Come Together.
             Sarah Brightman, Jose Carreras - Amigo Para Siempre - 1992

Please let me share my favourites with you.

1964 - Helmut Zacharias - Tokyo Melody
1968 - Leo Arnaud - Bugler's Dream
1968 - Long John Baldry - Mexico Theme Song

1972 - Harry Chapin - Circle
1976 - Barry DeVorzon, Perry Botkin Jr - Nadia's Theme

1984 - John Williams - Olympic Fanfare and Theme
1984 - Paul Engemann - Reach Out
1988 - Koreana - Hand in Hand
1988 - Whitney Houston - One Moment In Time
                                    Brian May - We Will Rock You

1992 - Sarah Brightman, Jose Carreras - Amigo Para Siempre (Friends For Life)
1992 - Freddie Mercury, Montserrat Caballe - Barcelona
1996 - Celine Dion - The Power Of The Dream
1996 - Gloria Estafan - Reach

2012 - John Lennon - Imagine
2012 - London Symphony Orchestra - Chariots of Fire
2012 - Brian May and Jessie J - We Will Rock You
2012 - Arctic Monkeys - Come Together

The list goes on, so check it out on the Net. Comment anyone?  Your favourite Olympics song?
Images Google: 1) Record Cover 1984 Olympic Games, Los Angeles, US.
                        2) Brian May, 2012 Olympic Games, London, England.

You Tube: 1) 2012 Olympic Games, London, England.
               2) 1988 Olympic Games, Seoul, South Korea.

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