Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Joseph Schooling Olympic Champ: Swim Songs

The Swimmer:

It has been exciting days and nights for most Singaporeans especially for those associated with swimming at home and internationally.  

Joseph Schooling, a 21 year old Singaporean, handsome, tall and very appealing, won the 2016 Olympic Gold Medal in the Men's 100m Butterfly event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, clocking 50.39 seconds. 4D lottery booths all over the country were cashing in when gamblers, young and senior, bought this favourite combination.

Unless our sports champions clinch more golds in 2020, I was wondering what popular 60's songs I could put up for the swim champ, his family and Singapore to celebrate this once in a life time occasion.   

The Instrumental:

Because of the season, mood and extreme enthrallment I remember the very energetic and limb shaking, hot instrumental by the Surfaris called *Wipe Out. It was by Bob Berryhill, Pat Connolly, Jim Fuller and Ron Wilson and has been featured in at least 20 movies. 

Definitely the appropriate one, since Schooling literally wiped out the other three champions, USA's Michael Phelps, South Africa's Chad le Clos and Hungary's Laszlo Cseh into second place. 

The introductory drum solo with its incessant heart beating rhythm would have definitely been a hit had it been played during the Rio swim event before Schooling jumped in. So I'm reviving a classic. It was a big hit when this song came to Singapore. 

In the 1960's many local guitar groups were playing it with Apache and other melodies at our National Theatre. Hopefully The Silver Strings will play this one during our September 18th performance at the National Library.

The Song:

Another song that came to mind was a dance craze called, The Swim, by singer Bobby Freeman. It was another top hit in the year 1964 as it created another dance concept where enthusiasts were literally swimming on the floor (check video). I have selected another of his hits called, Cmon And Swim since it out swum his first song right up to #5 (Wiki).

Those years the world had the The Freddie, The Loco-Motion, The Mashed Potato, The Shimmy, The Watusi, The Boogaloo, The Hully Gully, The Monkey, The Twist and The Swim.

So for the biggest hero this Singapore century, here's one from the blog for the fastest swimmer in the international pool 2016, Joseph Schooling. 

Congratulations sir.  These swim songs are for you and your parents (60's music folks I hope). You make us all proud. Thank you.  

This article is a personal perspective.

*Wipe Out: Terminating a ride ungracefully (as in falling off your surfboard).

                            Mothership.com: Jade Seah Interviewing Joseph Schooling

Images and Videos: Google and You Tube.


Unknown said...

Hello Andy. Thank you for your short but nice story about Singapore's greatest swimming sensation. Joseph Schooling is such a charming and amicable person. Girls would like to have him, guys would like to be him and every parent's dream to have such a son! Lets wish Joseph every success for years to come!

Olympics swimming champs always remind me of one person, the late Johnny Weissmuller, who died in 1984. J.W. was selected by Associated Press as the greatest swimmer of the 1st half of the 20th Century! He was the first man to swim the 100 meter freestyle under one minute. After his retirement from competitive swimming, he entered into a contract, in 1932, with MGM to play the Edgar Rice Burroughs character, Tarzan The Apeman! He was to become the screen's most definitive Tarzan! Even up to today, his Tarzan victory yell is the most recognizable!

I am just wondering if the world is ready for a Eurasian Tarzan! Who knows?

Keep the stories coming Andy!



Yes, the songs are suitable. Great of you to think up those appropriate song titles. I join many of our people who are on the negaive side of this great event. Don't get me wrong: I respect and applaud what JS accomplished. Just disgusted over the way our authorities went about it.

Pre-Gold Medal win, all very low. No hoo ha. The coaches and company did not even spot the potential this amazing boy had. Did not think he would qualify let alone win.

After the win, all jumping on the band wagon. Typical, my honest opinion. And I am proud of what Joseph Schooling achieved!


WIPE OUT is a perfect choice to congratulate a worthy champion,clearly a clear cut winner who do us Singaporeans proud all the way to a Gold to an Olympic title as well as the perfect fastest record. Happy for the great champion.

Joey G. White (You Tube) said...

Goes with the song perfect! Called the ol' slide hop, a derivative of the 'Chicken' & The Slide! I used to dance on this show down at Gazzari's in Hollywood back in 64-65! Love the dancers, especially that 'long drink of water' in black up front! I mean the Gal, of course!

BRO1945 said...

The Song does not go with the dancers...that's NOT the swim

ARTCM7 said...

This is not the original 45 rpm commercial version. It is a remake by someone else. The original version is on YouTube. It is a 2:42 version. This is not the original drums, the beginning is not original and the guitars are not the same. Someone who is not a musician, from that era, nor has a keen ear for instrumentals would catch the differences. I knew right from the start that this was a studio group or some group other than the original musicians. This is a cover of the original, but is not the original version. It's a B grade rendition of Wipe Out not the A grade original. I prefer the original.

Jennifer Sun (You Tube) said...

American surf rock band formed in Glendora, Ca. in 1962. Origional members were Ron Wilson-drums & Vocal s(died May 12, 1989 he was almost 45. Jim Fuller-lead guitar-resigned after their tour in Japan . now has his own band, Bob Berryhill-rhythum guitar-still plays under the bands name , Pat Connolly-bass-he was the first member to leave the group and no longer is in music.the opening sounds were made by Berryhill's dad breaking a board in front of mic. and the laugh. Wipe Out was yelled by Manager Dale Smith.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

My point. There's always the other side of things.

Some comments have been taken from You Tubers who have seen the two videos I put up on the blog. Other comments are from friends who feel strongly about what had happened.

Thanks to all who wrote in.

Singapore Guitar Teacher said...

I'm so proud that Singapore has finally got a gold medal in the olymics! Some people say that since Joseph trains in US, it should not exactly be counted but that is certainly not true! A true-blue Singaporean he is!!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you SGT for comment. Your comment is fair and at least you took a stand.

FL said...

Hi, Andy, I refer to Singapore Guitar Teacher's (SGT) reference to "Some people say that since Joseph trains in US, it should not exactly be counted but that is certainly not true!" How could "some people" said negative comment about Joseph. We have many Singaporeans studied and obtained their degrees overseas and came back to work. Joseph is a Singapore born child. Agree with SGT, that the comment is certainly not true.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi FL.

I am in total agreement with both of you. Many Singaporeans go overseas, do whatever they needed to and come home serving the country in so many ways, either directly or indirectly.

The term, "Singapore born child" is all important and Joseph Schooling deserves the credit for bringing glory to our Little Red Dot as a citizen.

Thanks again FL for giving this posting a thumbs up with your positive comments and feedback. It takes time to write and I always appreciate the trouble you take.