Tuesday, July 19, 2016

ShiGGa Shay Comments On Singapore 60s Music

ShiGGa Shay said... 

"I’m not super-educated about the Singapore pop scene, but I know The Quests, The Crescendos, The Silver Strings … I have so much respect for them because they came out before social media and all that and to be able to make music at that point in time, to have all those fans and do shows, it’s amazing. The quality of music also, the way they were singing … it’s a history lesson for me.”

Today Newspaper: 2015.
ShiGGa Shay - Tapau (From the "3688" Movie OST). Thanks ShiGGa Shay.

(This rapper, song-writer, producer and director is Singaporean and has 2 million viewers on YouTube. He has appeared in a movie by Jack Neo and performed at the White House State Dinner after-party.)

Image: Google.

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