Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Blog Hits Monthly Record High: Thank You All

Usual monthly record is 14,000 to 15,000 readers a month. This month it's 20,000+ (as of 23rd July 2016).

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Statistics as on 30th July, 2016
Statistics on 29th July 2016

Thanks to readers, friends, Facebook n Twitter followers. 

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Victor said...

Congrats, A-list blogger.

Joey said...

Congratulations to cross 20,000 readers. Continue your good works

FACEBOOK said...

Thanks to following for support
Irene Yap
Yip Dick
Toh Richard
Tracy Ng
Ann Rowena Lim
Mayo Uno Martin
Doris Lim
Chen Hui Si
Jalani Mohamed
John Cher
Linda Tan

FACEBOOK said...


Philip Chew
Charlie Yap Locomotion
Ivan Chew
Tin Leong Lim
Foo Jong Fook
Lim Kuan Min
Yen Chow

Unknown said...

Hi Andy. It is an achievement to be able to sustain the interest of even 2000 people a month on a regular basis on any given topic. What you have done could not be the result of a faint heart or a lame endeavour. It takes passion and consistency to incessantly create stories that your international readership can relate to and is stimulating enough to make them keep coming back to your blog for more. Your enthusiasm for your work makes the difference! Without it, there would be no zest! Like Coke without the bubbles! Flat! On behalf of all your readers, I wish to appeal to you to not even consider stopping your very fine work but to keep up with your enthu for your unique blog. I am still hopeful that one day soon, the relevant authority in SG would officially recognize your work! It is strange but nonetheless true, no prophet will find acceptance in his own country! A case in point, recently the Australians conferred an award on Matthew Tan for his contributions to Country Music. I am of the view that it is SG that should have taken the initiative for such an award! Of course not only for Matthew but for other iconic local musicians as well, like Henry Chua and others!

Be that as it may, here's wishing you continued success in all your efforts to preserve our music heritage!

God bless!

John Cher

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks to everyone for support. Facebook has done the best short cut ever for acknowledging anything on document and that is to click the LIKE THUMBS UP logo.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you all for supporting John Cher's acknowledgement
and blog:

Mustapha Al-Johary
Yen Chow
Jimmy PresLee
Penny Koh
Andy NG
Eddie Foo
Audie Ng
Daisie Yip
Francis Yuen
Denyse Tessensohn
Henry Chua
Tan Soo Khoon
Richard Danker
Calie Sui
Joe Wong
Davychandavy Chan
Rahim Sadli Spinal Chords
Koo Yoke Yin Jessica
Kong Kim Pah
Benjamin Yap
Henry Ester Angeline Lee
Kum Wong
Spencer Chan
Albert Kee
Johnny Yeow
Lange Brunei
Albert Khoo
Steve Goh
Lim Kuan Min
Irene Yap

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thanks to the following for liking this post

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Lina Koh
Alphonso Soosay
Bert Fern


Wow! Congratulations to you dearest Andy Lim. Keep it up & well done my dear friend. God bless you & cheers Andy!

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