Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Singapore Heritage Fest: Jiving Through The Ages

Happening is on Friday, 15th May, 2015 outside The Cathay Cinema, from 7pm @ Handy Road. This show is sponsored by The National Museum of Singapore @ Stamford Road.

Four bands performing within the space of an hour. Except for Andy, these are guitar groups and vocalists who have been entertaining in the local hotels, theaters, nightclubs and private clubs since the 1960s. Listen to them play and sing as they belt out hits like DIANA, MY WAY, MEAN WOMAN BLUES, SHADOOGIE, YOUNG ONES, WORLD WITHOUT LOVE, THE BOXER, RUNAWAY, LA BAMBA, I FEEL GOOD, WOOLY BULLY and many other pop tunes of the 60s and 70s.

The Esquires begin the fast paced evening with their rendition of hits by Queen and James Brown followed by Andy Young singing Paul Anka and Elvis. Then Winston Koh comes on the scene fronting The Trailers with Shadows and Cliff Richard numbers. Terry, Robyn and Friends keep the pulse thumping with their vocals and harmonizing tunes by Simon/Garfunkel and Peter/Gordon.

Before the music subsides Jerry Fernandez hots the Cathay evening's SG50 celebration even more with his Neu Faces echoing Sam The Sham, The Pharaohs and Wild Cherry . Nearly two dozen songs to jitter your nerves and  make you wanna boogy, shake and jive.  So come on down and meet our local artistes and dance to the beat as they prove to you that History, music history that is, can be fun. Play that funky music...

(A tablet is used since computer is down, so there has been much difficulty producing this post and photographs.)

Images, as provided, from the top: The Esquires; Jerry and The Neu Faces; Andy Young; Terry, Robyn and Friends; Winston and The Trailers.


Birddog said...

I was there. So many grey haired people behave like they are 18 again. Thats the spirit. I like the sporting couple who took to the floor dancing at the invite of Neu Faces. Keep on rocking!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

YEAH MAN! Keep on rocking. Yes, I saw the couple; they were enjoying the jiving. We should all try to hang loose.

Thanks for the bird watching BIRDDOG.