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Singapore Heritage Fest: Jiving Through The Ages

Saturday, 16th May, 2015 @ 7pm, outside Cathay Building, Handy Road.

The following are briefs. To read about these pop stars in full, refer to their individual websites: 

She started her profession singing in English at Singapore hotels, pubs and clubs. In 1999 she entered the Canto stage at Marina South, Devil's Bar, Black Velvet, Beyond, Heaven n Earth and Paradigm.

By 2006 she joined St. James Power Station and performed in the Mando Club and wowed audiences in Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Korean and Japanese. She's known as the Zoe Tay of St James.

Signed to Brite Records, she cut a disc and her single, Broken String, charted at #2 for several weeks. She had worked with a number of producers, singers and songwriters from the UK, US and sang overseas in San Francisco and Hollywood.


Xuan Man's charismatic personality has made her a household hit amongst Singaporeans. She had made special appearances as guest artiste at SBC and Rediffusion shows and programmes.

In 2011 and 2012 respectively she was the overall champion for both Media Corp's Silver Age Talentime and Golden Age Talentime. She also took the highest accord in the International Golden Lion Awards.

Xuan Man has been engaged in local charity drives and community organisations. She was resident artiste at several up-market lounges in France, Holland, the U.S. and Australia.

Tandy Lim is a recording artiste who sings Zhou Xuan and mimics Yao Shu Rong.  Comfortable with Hokkien and Cantonese tunes, she is popular in this region and Europe. 

She is a respected vocal trainer with hundreds of students who have been under her wings for singing techniques. She had appeared in Voices from the Gramophone featuring songs from the Old Shanghai era.

Ms Lim has been showcasing her talents since the 1980's and "selects her performance platform carefully" since she is renowned for her professionalism, showmanship and technical competence.

With more than twenty years in the business, Judy Theng is not only an accomplished performer, she is an active event planner.

Another voice trainer, Judy has been a judge at many singing competition and has recorded more than twenty solo albums and collaborative ones with her sister Maggie Theng who is also a diva. 

She had recorded the sound track for  a drama series called, Holland Village, by Media Corp TV production.  In the local circuit she has appeared at the Esplanade, is well known in the Executive Clubs, hotels and cruises. Internationally she has performed in Asia, Australia and the US.

The above four ladies are not in a choir nor will they sing as a chorus but it would be a gig hard to beat because these divas armed with glamour, glitz and great vocal folds will be accompanied by piano man, Danny Koh and his big band, The Musicators for another hot, sizzling evening singing melodies that were popular since the 1940's.   

Songs for the evening:
Skye Sirena
夜上海 Ye Shanghai
秋水伊人 Qiu Shui Yi Ren
我要你的爱 Wo Yao Ni De Ai
月亮代表我的心 Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin
Irene ( Xuan Man )
天涯芳草 Tian Ya Fang Cao
可爱的玫瑰 Ke Ai De Mei Gui
怀念妈妈 Huai Nian Ma Ma
万里长城 Wan Li Chang Cheng
Tandy Lim
今天不回家 Jin Tian Bu Hui Jia
说不出的快活 Shuo Bu Chu De Kuai Huo
望春风 Wang Chun Feng
一水隔天涯 Yi Shui Ge Tian Ya
Judy Theng
夜来香 Ye Lai Xiang
欢乐今宵 Huan Le Jin Xiao
不了情 Bu Liao Qin
我的心里没有他 Wo De Xin Li Mei You Ta

Ai Shen Te Jen

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