Monday, April 01, 2013

April Showers: What Fools These Mortals Be!

April Fools' Day, April Fool's Day or All Fools' Day 
is celebrated yearly on the first day of April when people play practical jokes on each other. The victims are "April fools" and hoax stories may be reported in the newspapers on the day itself but explained subsequently. Well known in Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil and the U.S., it has been popular since the 1800s.  The earliest recorded connection with 1 April and fooling can be found in Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales (1392). 
In today's pop music world, either Elvis' A Fool Such As I or Rick Nelson's, Poor Little Fool would have been a good choice for today's posting but here's one you might not have heard of.  It is a ballad written by Marty Robbin's friend Don Winters which was on the flip of his big hit, Devil Woman from 1962.

April Fool's Day (composed by Don Winters)

"It should be April Fool's Day cause you've been foolin' me
All the things you promised just weren't meant to be
You lied, you lied you cheated, you never could be true
It should be April Fool's Day and the joke should be on you.

It hurt me so to see you go your secret love and you
As in the past, for now, at last I found someone too
Your secret love has left you and I found someone new
It should be April Fool's Day and the joke should be on you."

1) April Fool's Day: Marty Robbins Video is on the right side-bar of this blog.

2) In another context:

"Captain of our fairy band,
Helena is here at hand,
And the youth, mistook by me,
Pleading for a lover's fee.
Shall we their fond pageant see?
Lord, what fools these mortals be!"

William Shakespeare:
A Midsummer Night's Dream: (3.2: 110-115).

3) Familiar Songs With April In Title:

Pieces of April - Three Dog Night 

April Love - Pat Boone 
April - Deep Purple
April Come She Will - Simon/Garfunkel 
April Fools Dionne Warwick 
April In Paris - Frank Sinatra / Billie Holiday / Count Basie 
April In  Portugal - Frank Sinatra / Les Butler 
April Played A Fiddle - Frank Sinatra 
April Showers - Eddie Fisher 
I'll Remember April - Charlie Parker 

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