Saturday, January 21, 2012

13th February 1964 Chinese New Year Attraction

Another Chinese New Year Posting:

On 13th February in Dragon Year 1964, the Odeon Cinema at North Bridge Road was showing a Doris Day movie Move Over Darling co-starring James Garner (image 1). And there was No Free List, which meant that all complimentary passes had been suspended. It was CNY season and cinemas were packed (read Part II soon).

By sheer co-incidence Larry Lai sent me a note yesterday about DD's latest recording done last year. So after all this time, here she is again. One of US' pops top artistes, Doris Mary Anne Kappelholff is back. But she never left the scene did she?

I remember those years when I would take a bus to the Capitol Cinema at North Bridge Road just to catch one of her many movies, from romantic comedies and screen musicals like, Tea For Two, Calamity Jane, Love Me Or Leave Me, Pajama Game, Tunnel Of Love or Pillow Talk to thrillers, The Man Who Knew Too Much and Julie. She actually made 40 movies!

And her songs... She is still singing today and for 55 years. All the way since 1947. From her signature song Que Sera Sera, her academy award winner Secret Love and my favourite Teacher's Pet (image 2) and #hundreds of others that it's too long to list. So we remember her today for a new song just released.

Here's what good friend LL said about DD:
"Doris Day, easily one of my favourite singers from the 60's, is 87. Last September she recorded an album titled My Heart (image 3) and it hit the U.K. charts at No. 9. The world's oldest pop star to hit the U.K. Top Ten!"

Yes, trust him. He presented most of the world hits during his Rediffusion days. Thank you Larry. BTW, he's a dragon too. Ah, no wonder. Song on right bar>
Images from Google: 1 Yesteryear. 2 Today.


Anonymous said...

Happy Year of the Dragon, Christmas and New year was too
busy, its all over until the end December. Thank goodness.
From: Bob Moroz
Manitoba, Canada.

MerlinLim: said...

Andy Buddy,
Merlin Lim,
Silver Strings
(Rhythm Guitar)

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you all for the good wishes.
A Happy CNY to all too.

Ronnie See: said...

Dear Andy,
Wishing you and Family a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Lunar New Year.

Have a wonderful year 2012. Best Regards,

Ronnie & Family.
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