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Ronnie See and The Stylers Part 2

Part II

Years With The Stylers.

"If I remember correctly, that must have been after my disbanding of Ronnie and The Burns around end of 1966. Paul Chua contacted me and discussed about regrouping of a band, Paul introduced Paul Kwok (from Kwok Brothers Singapore) together we further discussed about how to bring the band to popularity. I was then at the height of my music career as a pop singer, though hesitant about forming a band, and finally acceded to Paul’s enthusiasm to regroup again.

Initially, we were toying with the idea of restarting Ronnie and The Burns again but then my preference was to start a brand new name and so Ronnie and The Stylers was started from end 1966 to 1969 because that’s when I left them in search of my career. 

Spending three and a half years under Ronnie and The Stylers and decided to quit the band scene was quite painful then but there were only two choices; either I continue to be in the band and lead a band boy’s life or I quit and lead a different lifestyle as years wear on. In search for a career was my priority, although it was a painful decision to quit the band as the camaraderie was strong but I decided to leave without looking back.

Before leaving the Stylers, I was instrumental in making sure to get the band into recording so that they have a future too, then I met Tony Wong of Polar Bear Records and got the band into serious recording business (Chinese songs) with them. 
                                Ronnie (white centre) and Stylers. 

After the Stylers stabilized with Polar Bear Records, backing many Chinese singers, their income was good from the recordings. I left and went for an interview with a hi-fi store, got the job, and from thereon I work and continued to build a career path since.

In 1967, Ronnie and The Stylers was popular at the Celestial Room Tea Dance. This hotspot was owned by then (Boss of The Hock Lee Bus) Mr. Quek Sin Bock, Mr. Quek was my good friend, he asked if I could stage the band at Celestial Room Tea Dance, I agreed. So every Sunday Celestial Room was packed until many of our supporters them had to queue for entrance. We were the anchor band at Celestial Room from 1967 to early 1969 (for more than two years).

During 1967 to 1968 Ronnie & The Stylers had performed at the then National Theatre (River Valley) on many occasions. We also did gigs for the Ministry of Culture (then under Datok Othman Wok) and also at the Capitol Theatre Sunday Musical Express hosted by Tan Swee Leong. 

Ronnie and The Stylers had recorded a cover version EP with the Squirrel Records owned by a recording veteran Mr. Ngo Cheong. That was the first English recording we did and after that I left the band when they went into Chinese songs."

Ronnie See is presently a successful and well-known business person, renowned and respected for his entrepreneurial spirit.

(The above article is Ronnie See's written communication with Andy in March, 2009. All rights reserved.)


Anonymous said...

Your enthusiasm for 60s music is clearly evident. This keeps alive our memories of the era - the music, musicians, singers, bands etc. (William Lee)

Andy Young* said...

I looked up your band. Did you back up Shirley Nair and which one are you on the album cover. Did you also do Mike and Herb. If you did, I hope you kept copies of those albums.

M. Demsky (Vancouver, Canada).

Andy Young* said...

Hi M,
Never did a recording because my profession didn't permit it. Hopefully I can do one soon before going to my happy hunting ground.

The two record covers show the band with singers Mike & Herb on one and Shirley Nair on the other.

I do not have copies. Hopefully some kind soul out there will sell them to me.


Andy Young* said...

The above note from M. Demsky was sent to my email on 30th March, at 2.07 pm.

Andy Young* said...

Thank you William for your encouragement and support. I wish more people like you would write. I know there are lots of people out there interested in our local 60s music.

Anonymous said...

andy,evening to you.How is bros John Teo getting on & also Douglas Tan,Lawrence Lum,Randy Lee Keng,merry christmas & happy new year in 2014 to u & them in a week time.Hope John Teo still in good in his guitar play along with organ,thanks.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

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