Sunday, November 06, 2011

West Point: Memories Of A Teenager In The 50s

I had mail recently in response to my article about West Point Gardens at Pasir Panjang, so instead of publishing it under Comment and be left unseen, I thought I'd post it for all. I must thank Ms Gloria Yap, who is in her early 70s, for taking time to pen these beautiful lines.
West Point Gardens - Nostalgia of a Teenager in the 1950s
Swaying coconut trees
Balmy ocean breeze
Feathered dresses
Halter-neck dresses.
A sprawling open Garden
A special, tiled dance floor
On green grass below -
Starry skies above
Mirroring the quickening heartbeat
of young love.
Dancing feet
To the beat
Of a live orchestra playing
And bodies in love, swaying.
Sweet smiles and sweet gestures
Sweet drinks and many beer glasses
Thus walking on air
Thus dancing on air
Nevertheless, romance was in the air
Oh West Point Gardens of the 50s
So etched in my heart and in my memories.
Image: Google
Original article: Gloria Yap.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,
Thank you very much for publishing my poem together with the beautiful seaside image. The place looks very much like West Point.

Andy Young* said...

Thank you G for contributing so positively on my blog.

It is the first time anyone has thought of writing a poem on topical themes.

Anonymous said...

From email:

I am impressed by Gloria's poetic comment to your blog on Spore's West Point. I enjoy reading it.

Perhaps the more literary readers of your blog can contribute their poetic responses occasionally as inspiration hits.

That will certainly make reading Andy's 60s more interesting.


Andy Young* said...

Thanks Min. Ya, I hope more readers will contribute poems about 60s music.

Will be fun.