Sunday, November 06, 2011

First Liverpool Artiste With US Hit Before Beatles

The interview with Russ Hamilton by Dr Lee Yan San was in 1999:
"Russ was the first Liverpool artist to have a big hit in the US before the Beatles. His song Rainbow reached number 3 in the US chart. He also had a big hit We Will Make Love in UK and Asia and was very popular in Malaysia, Singapore and other parts of Asia.
RTM Radio 4:
He was my favourite singer especially during my high school days and I have all his records. His music is still being sought after in Malaysia. On my own initiative, I did the interview with him for RTM Radio 4's very popular regular Sunday night programme produced by a very well known D.J. Reezal who introduced me to his listeners. Russ Hamilton became a close friend of mine and had since passed on. This is a tribute to my friend." Watch the videos on right bar>
Article and image from: You Tube.
Original article by Lee Yan San who hails from Penang, Malaysia.
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FL said...

I remember I first heard Russ's songs, esp. "We'll make love" in my upper primary school days thro' Redifusion at coffee shops and neighbours. Those years most families were poor and didn't have radio sets. Also, 'Radio Singapore' seldom play pop songs then. I even copied the said Russ's song lyrics from my classmates at Pri 4 or 5. Even now, I couldn't believe I did it so young !

Andy Young* said...

Yes FL I remember copying song lyrics by listening to them a few times.

The thick hard-cover song-book was so precious that we even paste images of our favourite singers by cutting out their photographs from newspapers and magazines.

You must have loved Russ Hamilton and those singers from yesteryear. But we had a lot of fun didn't we?

Anonymous said...

From email:

Thanks Andy for the video clips on Russ Hamilton.

I've a copy of his CD containing hit songs such as 'We will make love' and 'Rainbow'... fabulous and everlasting love songs.

Andy Young* said...

Thanks SW fpr supporting the blog. Appreciate.

JimLim35 said...

Dr Lee Yan San used to loan his records to RTM Radio 4 from Monday midnigt till 2.00am and the DJ in attendance was Joey. Those songs spun were the best from the 60's & 70's. Wonder where is Joey now?

Andy Young* said...

I really don't know Jim. You must be from Malaysia then.

If you wish please contribute some articles about Malaya's 60s pop music for this blog.

Thank you for visiting twice tonight.

Andy Young* said...

I have asked Dr. Lee to reply. So do wait for it.

JimLim35 said...

Yes I'm from Malaysia, JB to be exact. As a young boy I never missed those concert parties where Singapore bands were in attendance. Even though they played cover versions,but we always favoured theirs rather the originals.

Andy Young* said...

Thanks very much for making this comment JimLim35. I think musicians on both sides of the causeway appreciate what you said.

I will put it up for a special posting soon so watch out for it. If you have photographs of bands and singers from those years please send me copies via the computer.

You can write to me on the blog and provide me your private email which will not be published.

Dr. Lee said...

Thanks Andy for drawing my attention to JimLim35's query. The producer and regular DJ who traveled often to Penang to borrow records and CDs from me is Reezal Abdullah and he has retired and I have lost touch with him. The other DJ who was with him was Allan Zachariah and I think he has also retired. In fact I have a recording of the session we did together (Reezal as producer, Alan as DJ and myself as guest DJ). However, I am sorry, I am not familiar with Joey.

Andy Young* said...

Well JimLim35, an answer from the man himself. Hope it helps.