Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Western Pop Songs With Food Titles: Part III

All this discussion about ikan belado (chilly fried fish) and murtabak (Indian meat pancake) reminds me of songs that have been lingering in my mind for a while. Food, Glorious Food is the opening number from the musical Oliver! Written by Lional Bart, it is sung during a sequence when the orphan boys from the 60s musical are fantasizing about food while going to collect their bowl of porridge - gruel to be exact.

"Food glorious food/We're anxious to try it/Three banquets a day/Our favourite diet /Just picture a great big steak/Fried, roasted or chewed/For food marvellous food/Wonderful food, magical food/Fabulous food, beautiful food..."

There are many, many western pop titles with food words in them but this list is limited to songs familiar and popular around the 60s. It is a short list and some lyrics do not discuss food at all. Here goes:
1 All That Meat And No Potatoes Louis Armstrong 2 American Pie Don McLean 3 Banana Boat Song Harry Belafonte 4 Blueberry Hill Fats Domino 5 Brown Sugar Rolling Stones 6 Catfish Bob Dylan

6 Cigarettes and Coffee Otis Redding 7 Country Pie Bob Dylan 8 Goober Peas Kingstone Trio 9 Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes) Dee Dee Sharp 10 I Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts Merv Griffin .
11 Lemon Tree Peter Paul & Mary 12 Lollipop Chordettes 13 Porcupine Pie Neil Diamond 14 Strawberry Fields Forever 15 Sweet Potato Pie James Taylor 16 Tutti Frutti Little Richard 17 Watermelon Man Herbie Hancock.

I have been trying to think of Singapore pop songs that have food themes. Doesn't matter in whatever local language they are in. If you remember one, please contribute.

For a long list:
Image: The Wynners Long Play/Andy Lim Collection.


FL said...

There is one mandarin song "Cha sao bao" means char siew buns, I think. And another is "hot rice dumpling" a
Hokkien song. Both are old songs but not local songs, right ? Both songs are very "catchy" on foods. Hope I can think of more !

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks FL for responding. I remember listening to 'Cha Sao Bao' but am not familiar with 'Hot Rice Dumpling'. I shall try to look them up on You Tube.

I welcome food songs from any language as long as they are from yesteryear.

Please think of more and I shall try to trace their origin.

It's always a pleasure when you visit and provide comments.

AARON CHOO said...



I love them!


"Put friendship before music. If you care too much about your levels of technique, you'll probably despise one another. Ideology has hurt China for decades. Won't it do to be able to play together?" The Wynners drummer Anthony Chan on the secret of the 1970s Hong Kong band's longevity.


Precisely. Friendship is more lasting but music can make instant enemies just even in simple conversation.


I am a fan of Alan Tam since the late 80s. I could still Imagine the surprised look on the cassette seller's face when a small Malay boy went up to her to purchase a copy of Alan Tam's latest album in Cantonese!


I still remember their version of Shalala. Sung in English but the Cantonese accent is so obvious.


Few will know that they were known as The Losers until they change their name to The Wynners that they shot to fame, same time with Teddy Robin & The Playboys

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

"Aura". Is that what you call it. Or "positive vibes".

Thank you all for the comments.

Comments from facebook and made because of Anthony Chan's point about friendship before music. Having been around with our local band boys and girls these last few years I notice a tendency for some lead guitarists to brag how much better they are than others.

If only we just play and strum and just keep mum.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks to Dick Yip, Yen Chow, Doris Lim Randy Lee, Larry sbt, Carl Hamm and Macpherson follower too for agreeing.

If I missed out anyone, thank you.