Friday, August 19, 2011

Succulent Sweet Singapore Sixties Songs: Part IV

Here are some food songs served on local Singapore platters. But they are not to be eaten. So let's visit this hideaway called Pop Inn, hosted by The Quests. Watch Your Step as we go in where other band members will be waiting to dish out their speciality.
The first is an original composition by Quests bassist Henry Chua called, *Tea Break. It is the flip side of their EMI single CHK 1050. Then 5 of D'Starlights boys, who are actually from the Philippines, will provide their packets of *Peanuts to the guests. No ordinary peanuts these because you can't buy them For A Few Dollars More. Other dishes on this EP platter include: Something On My Mind and I Believe. (EMI ECHK 585).

Next comes Veronica Young along with her original serving of a *Lollipop each for her guests. Composed by Singaporean Patrick Seet, Veronica sings,

"Lollipop, I want nothing but lollipop/ Won't give anything for lollipop/Cause nothing can be better than lolli-lolli-pop-pop.../Lollipop, give me sweet little lollipop/ Then I'll dry my little teardrop..."

After distributing her lollipops they all say, Thank You For Your Kindness, 2nd song on the list with The Thrill To Love You and Dreams Of Love (Philips ME - 0192 - VE).
No cakes, curry-puffs or finger-food during this tea and sympathy and as Jade And Pepper remark, Hey It's Happening Again, they provide, *Coffee, Toffee, Squares (Baal Records SP 1005). Rounding off the afternoon are The Surfers with bottles of *Honey. This EP platter has Hooray For Hazel, Mony Mony and Answer Me. These two groups look like they are from the October Cherries. Ah well! 

At the end of it all the Watermelon Man delivers his red and green fruit accompanied by the McCoys and Stevie Lorraine. But nobody leaves as they go Yakety Yak through the night. Such Moments for the party, according to Stevie are rare indeed. (EI ECHK 591. Philips ME-0185-SE).

If you know of other Singapore recordings with food titles please contribute.

*6 Food songs include originals and covers by our Singapore artistes.

(This posting, with 4 other postings on food, is in conjunction with the Sitting In Pictures documentary, FOODAGE, where Andy Lim has appeared in Episode Two discussing his mother's cooking, hawker food and music in the 50's and 60's. Chang Soh Kiak produced.) 

Images: Private Collection and Google.


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi sk,
This one's for you again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy.
it would have been a much richer portrait of the 60s if I didn't have those copyright issues.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Yes, i agree. Copyright stinks, especially in the hands of others.

Forgot all about the local songs and covers with food titles.

Would've been a refreshing part of the documentary. Well, there's always a next time.

jesse said...

Hi Andy,
I just found your blog, looks really good! I found it by looking for more information on a 60s Indonesian band called "The Commandos." I know it isn't your specialty but they recorded on the Panda record label, which could have been from Singapore. The back says "Hoover Recrods Pte. Limited." Have you heard of these guys or know if any of them are still around?
thanks again for the great blog!


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Jesse, Thanks for visiting. I have been trying to find out more about the Commandos too.

Will write to a friend who's knowledgeable with Indonesian bands.

Keep in touch.