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Impian Bateks: Rudyn Dan Ismail Ahmad

*Latest News (09/01/2018)

Kematian Ismail Ahmad - Death of Ismail Ahmad.

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Pop songs with car themes were blazing the Top Hit Charts in the US in the 60s especially with the Beach Boys Fun, Fun, Fun. Similarly, our local pop stars did the same. Malay singer Rudyn *al-haj (image 3) is associated with his well-known hit Naik Kreta Ku (Drive With Me) or literally translated, 'Hop Into My Car.' He made this particular recording with Cosdel (CEP 3009 - image 4) and backed by his own group The Bateks (as in kain batek or sarong material).

After some changes within the group and because of unavoidable circumstances they joined forces with another called D'Impians (dreamers) and formed The Impian Bateks (Indonesian spelling: batik - image 2). This group was just as popular outside the Malay community playing western music.

Having an academic degree was rare in the 60s but Rudyn was one of those who had a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Temple University in the U.S. Rudyn whose full name was Khairudin Haji Hashim, besides singing Pop-yeh-yeh music with his group, also served as a Planning Officer for Sabah Film Production. In November 2007 Rudyn passed away in his hometown at Johore Bahru, Malaysia. He was 61 years young.

Music and lyrics for Naik Kreta Ku were by Rudyn himself while the other three, Selendang Hitam (The Black Veil), Terima-lah Lagu Ku (Please Accept My Song) and Berjumpa (Meeting) were originals by The Impian Bateks. Did Rudyn cut another record with a group called The Falcons singing Naik Kereta Baru (Hope In My New Car), Bukan Salah Ku (Not My Fault), Pengembara (Wanderer/Vagabond) and Selamat Hari Raya (celebration after fasting month)?

The Impian Bateks were as popular under their own banner with previous recordings (Cosdel CEP 3005) like Gadis Sekolah (School Girl), Wanita (Woman), Siapa Juwita (Who's That Girl) and Mengapah (Why). Another recording with Panda (YHEP 111) had Dari Ku Untok Mu (From Me To You), Guru Baru (New Teacher), Sekolah Ku (My School) and Oh Posmen (Oh Postman).

Song themes were typical teenage angst and schoolgirl crushes. Pen-pals were also actively pursued by our youngsters and a record cover (image 1) that looks like an addressed envelope with stamps could sell. "Ku rindu pada mu, Ku ingin bertemu selalu... (I am lovesick and wish to meet you often...)"

Both Rudyn and Impian Bateks were a force to reckon with in the Pop-yeh-yeh 60s era. They stood among the top Malay artistes then and their wide popularity spread across Singapore, Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei. If you are familiar with them, please contribute more information.

"Rudyn al-haj ada-lah sa-orang penyanyi berbakat dewasa ini, yang munchul di-tengah kemainan lagu2 pop yang pesat. Dengan kugiran Impian Bateks Rudyn al-haj menyanyi dengan gaya dan suara yang tersendiri. Rudyn berjaya menawan hati peminat pop dengan bentok lagu yang tersendiri.

Rudyn al-haj ada-lah bekas ahli kugiran yang kini sudah tiada lagi, tetapi Rudyn berjaya dalam usaha-nya merakamkan empat buah lagu2 pop pujaan ramai." Sharikat Cosdel Singapura. (Record back sleeve cover). Kalau kenal kugiran ini, harap beri maklumat.

*Term used for a Muslim who has made a pilgrimage to Mecca.

9th January 2018
According to an article by NUR DHUHA ESOOF from the Berita Harian Singapore,
Ismail Ahmad, a member of Impian Bateks, passed away this morning aged 70 years. 

He had been hospitalised for the last six days at the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. Mr Ismail was the keyboardist for the band. 

I send condolences to his family. May he Rest In Peace.

Image: FORD 1907 Model R/Universal Cars Ltd, Singapore
Translated information about Rudyn: Malay Wikipedia.
Article: compiled by Andy Lim

                                      Video by Nasri Kelan. November, 2012.


Anonymous said...

Dear Andy,

Forgive me for taking so long to answer your very interesting BLOG of Singapore.

I really enjoyed reading it, and I have just been reading it for the third time!

I decided that I better get busy and write and tell you that.

JD (Winnipeg, Canada)

Anonymous said...

Back then, of course, there were very few cars. We had a neighbour who had a Ford Model T (nicknamed Tin Lizzie.) The mother of one of my playmates on our street had an Essex car.

One day she took Laverne and me out to visit a relative of theirs who lived out in the country.

Oh, wow! My very first car ride. We were travelling at 25 miles an hour and Laverne and I thought we were flying down the highway!!


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks JD for the information you provided about Canada in the 6os. Appreciate the time and effort you took.

(Readers can find JD's writing listed under Comments on right side bar on the main page and on specific postings.)

Anonymous said...

Gan Eng Seng student. Musician from the start.

Anonymous said...

From email:

I have seen (but do not own) a record that has the Bateks backing singer Alina on You Tube.

There are also mentions on the net of 'Impian Bateks' backing Indonesian singers Idaly Sisters; this one I have never seen, so I can’t confirm it.

Steve Farram

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Steve for info.

I have just checked a website and found the RCA (SG 0001) record with Idaly Sisters but am not certain if they are backed by The Impian Bateks.

'Bulan Purnama', 'Kebebasan' 'Memileh', 'Ooh Mama' and 'Bunga Untok Ibu' are the four songs.

Erwin said...

In 1967, Impian Batek signed a contract with the U.S government (I can't state the U.S Army since there is also the U.S Marines) to perform on military bases in southern Vietnam. They were contracted for 4 months and fronted Veronica Young of Singapore. Credible information from Paris, France.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Again many thanks Erwin. I am sure your information from Paris is reliable. I also remember Veronica mentioning it in her interview with you.


Yes, I noted Ismail Ahmad passed on and he was working for me with the DOWNTOWN band with singer Halil Chik aka Tom Jones and I sent them to Taiwan and Japan and for your information with drummer Ariffin last played with the REVIVAL BAND on December 23rd gig at Kallang Theatre.


He was living in Kuala Lumpur for some time. Came back here when he was unwell and admitted to hospital... until I got the news.


Hey Andy,
I just read your write up - excellent tribute also to ISMAIL AHMAD. I have to add a little more information on this late gentleman who played excellent all round keyboard, piano, organ, synthesiser, etc.