Saturday, April 02, 2011

Singapore 60 Men Fashion On Vinyl Covers (Part II)

Now the boys. Just as fashionable as the ladies, they dress as well for that stage performance and look set with their tops, bell-bottoms or drain-pipes. Each gentleman cuts a dashing figure with his outfit.

Handsome and clean cut Randy Lee (left image), rhythm guitarist with The Stylers, is preparing for an evening bash with his boys in a dark grey 70s cut suit. He looks exceptionally confident in the simple yet stylish outfit. Tie and shoes to match. She's A Yum Yum, I Get So Excited, Mississippi Line and Love Grows (Where Rosemary Goes) are the four songs featured on this particular EP (Panda Brand: HREP 7003).
The Travellers another pop group that play mostly Chinese songs to accompany singers. But they were as versatile as the suits they wore: colourful, neat and with much variety when they play.

Chinese singer Chai Chen hangs his white jacket and flirts by the beach in white long sleeves and a maroon four-button vest and dark pants. Brown suedes complete the look. All he needs is to don the jacket and he'll be ready to croon Sayonara with his accompanying band The Travellers. Together with three Chinese songs, his recording under Jubilee (JE 5044) sold many copies.

With a short crop, Chinese singer and go-getter Peter Shu beats the lot in his eye-catching, always attractive red, black and white combination. The informal black vest with white trims and double whammy belts around his waist complete the picture. The stream-line white boots, accentuate his bell-bots. There's A Kind Of Hush, Love You Love You, Black Is Black and Proud Mary (InterWorld Record: WAA 1504) are the songs available.
Greasy hair combed back, tight body-contoured flowered shirts, bell-bots, thick belts with unusual buckles and watches hanging from their wrists, The Stylers were a formidable group. Woe Betide anyone!

Images: From record covers already acknowledged. 
Article: Andy Lim.


Anonymous said...

It is kind of fun to go back in time and recall how things have changed from what they were when we were much younger. Oh, how the years fly by so quickly!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

YOu are right. Music and fashion are similar and when we look at old photographs and listen to melodies of past years we realise the changes we go through.

Thanks for writing.

ahyarjammari said...

Hi Andy,
Thanx for bringing back the yesteryear today. It's awesome. I feel young again, rejuvenated, botoxicated...remember the Celestial Room , Pink Pussycat,Singapore Hotel,Embassy Hotel,Mandarin Room, Badminton Hall, West Point....
the Beatles boots,Beatles hair-styles(not longreally compared to the 70s) ,then the psychedelic colours, bell-botttom.....of course then came Tom Jones Engelbert and list goes on ...keep up the excellent work ..after all those were our days !!!!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Ahyar for the comments.

Yes, and this is what I am doing, reliving the days but more so, learning from 60s music friends the years I missed because of our work schedules.

This blog is for us but also for the young who have written in to say how much they enjoy reading it.

I hope you will write often having come home from your long, oversea holidays.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy we did our time, didn't we?

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Greasy hair combed back, tight body-contoured flowered shirts, bell-bots, thick belts with unusual buckles and watches hanging from their wrists, 'The Stylers' were a formidable group. Woe Betide anyone! CHECK THEM OUT.

Stephen Han
Fashion goes round and round. Nowadays the drain pipe man pants are in fashion.In the 50s they were in vogue. I remember the police would put a bottle in one’s pants and if he couldn't insert one in that person would be brought to the police station.

As for the bell bottom pants ,they were standard sailor outfits. For the young guy’s hair, lots of Brycream or Tancho were applied .

Andy Young
How true. Stephen you're a historian, knowing those years straight off. Still a good memory. Thanks so much.


Thanks guys for liking pst

Koh Sui Pang
Andy you have tall n long legs figure can model on the men's fashion ...😊😊😊😊

Andy Young
Long skinny legs. Different from those with long muscular legs, Ms Koh.

Koh Daisy
Oh yes you were tall and skinny then ... you still are ... healthier than having a pot belly, 😁

Koh Sui Pang
Well well , anyway you have the figure for modelling

Andy Young
Hee hee. Thank you. Figure for modelling ..

Hi Andy
could you share your memories of tailors behind the 60s fashion. I was a kid then admiring the fashions then but could not be a dedicated follower of fashion due to financial reason. Until today, I still do not know who tailored the fashion wore by personalities like yourself.

Andy Young
Hi Richard, thanks for writing, especially from a music personality like you. I am not a musician but can share two tailors that were part of the big scene then. (1) One was Sam and his wife who owns SAM TAILOR along Tg Katong Road and (2) the other a handsome gentleman called DANNY'S with his shop. It was along Upper East Coast Road. Sam used to make suits for the sportsmen for the Asian Games and Olympic Games: usually red blazers with white pants. (3) There's also one famous guy along Selegie Road with his shop called, FATMAN'S. You have inspired me to write one, and will do so soon. Hope it helps Richard?

Andy Young
I thank Audie Ng for remembering Danny. My memory fails me nowadays. Cheers.