Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Trailers: Phoenix Theme: 中国新年凤凰歌

Seeing Double: 
For those readers who are familiar with Singapore pop music from the sixties, seeing two different covers of the same vinyl is not surprising. For those who aren't, here are two Chinese New Year red packets. This particular vinyl sold so well that they produced another lot but with a slightly different cover. Not a bootleg copy, definitely.

*44 Years Ago:
It was released exactly 44 years ago - in February 1967. The new Trailers member for this recording was Jimmy Chan, featured as the man on the keyboard. Chan was with the Flamingos Combo (remember them?) and replaced Michael Teo.

*This song was recorded 50 years ago by the Trailers, half a century ago. Wow! That was a long time back. The Trailers members should be in their sixties and seventies now. (Andy Lim: 8 January, 2017).

Victor Woo:
That's the story I have at the moment until Victor Woo comes back from his trip to tell me the real story, so for those interested the record from Cosdel contains: 

Phoenix Theme - Go Go Beat - EMI HongKong, 
Lara's Theme - Jarre and Albert, 
Ding Dong Song - Off Beat - Yao Ming n Bart, Peter Maurice 
Ali San - Off Beat - Formosan folk song, unknown

The back cover includes the Trailers line up for the vinyl: 

Victor Woo on lead 
Edmund on rhythm 
Eric Tan on bass
Jimmy Chan on the electric organ and piano
Tony Zee on drums and special guest
Robet Song on percussion instruments 

In case you are interested, record number is: CEP 3001. The songs were heard everywhere in Singapore and the rest of South East Asia after this vinyl was released. It was one of the most popular Chinese New Year records those years - more than 50,000 copies.  Double income.

Images: Andy Lim Collection.


FL said...

The Trailers was one of my favourite local pop groups back in the sixties. I bought this EP record that year when it was released around the CNY. The record that I bought was the 2nd one (record covering). I didn't know there was another record cover back then, 44 years ago ! Nice of you to put up this posting. Thank you, too.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks FL for you comment and for taking us back to the past.

FANCY! said...

Andy great blog
Keep it going in the new year. I have been collecting SE asian R&R FOR ALONG TIME NOW
An artist and record greek I reside in Brooklyn NY. I also publish a magazine called FANCY! A lIfestyle magazine that focuses on the obscure.
We published an article about The Trailer by Joe C. P. in 2004. I attached link for interested parties.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I have chanced upon your website and read it time and again. The support for local 60s music overseas is increasing.

Glad to note you promote Singapore and region vinyls and CDs. The Trailers were one of the pillars of Sing60s music.

Thanks for visiting. I have left the connection for others who wish to checkout your site.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks to Mr Rainbow for the video featured on the top page of this blog from 8 January, 2017.


Yup remember them well, especially during those T-Dance days.

FABIAN FOO said...

We will hear more of this in the coming weeks.


Hooray ! Hooray! Hooray!



Thanks Andy for taking us back to those 50 years of glorious memories. The days of wine and roses for us oldies.

Yes I do remember the Trailers and hope my fellow brothers in music are well and in great health.

Please enjoy life and stay young and healthy.

Best regards.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Immediate reaction above after the posting was sent out today 8 January, 2017.

JAMES K. said...

Good afternoon from James.

Again, thanks for the memories.

Regarding the Trailers, rhythm guitarist Edmund Tan Teck Chiang
was my Pr 3 classmate in Rayman School (premises taken over
by Handicapped Welfare Association).

Then after visiting the FOY website, I met our Tan WK, who
told me that Edmund Tan is one his cousins, but have lost contact
ever since Edmund went away.