Sunday, February 06, 2011

Looking Back: Country Music With Maxine Brown

If you are not familiar with the music of the 50s and 60s Maxine Brown's Looking Back To See - A Country Music Memoir - is the book to grab from the shelves of our National Library. The Three Bells (1959) is one of the biggest hits of all time and gave Maxine Brown, her sister and brother international stardom. And the story begins...
Mini review:
Maxine Brown shared stages with everyone, from unknowns to the knowns like Rick Nelson and Elvis Presley. "She saw Elvis at the beginning of his incredible, tragic ride" when she devoted one full chapter to travels with the King.

Then there were Jim Reeves and Johnny Cash and pieces of advice - "Lousy bands can mess up the greatest singers..." - from the people she met during the times of boogie-woogie, swing music, television, horror movies, The Kennedys, space flight, hula hoops and "nickel Cokes."

Country Music People magazine says it all, "This is the story of The Browns... It is also the story of rip-offs, frustration money woes, and the harsh truths about fame... Told in a spunky, no-holds-barred, immensely readable style with plenty of juicy anecdotes (blurb)."

If you have the time and interested in country music, this is the book to check out. And who are the Browns, in case you are not familiar with them? Her book tells all.

Image: Cover of "Looking Back To See - A Country Music Memoir" by Maxine Brown, The University of Arkansas Press (2005), USA. From: National Library Board, Singapore. NLB: 782.421642

Original article: Andy Lim.

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