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Singapore Vampires (吸血鬼) At Cavanagh Bridge (Pt I)

                                       Video by The GETTHOSUPERSTAR 2009

The ladies in the image were once a group that played Chinese (Mandarin) songs. They were called, The Vampires (吸血鬼but they were not characters from the commercially successful Twilight series of the four vampire-themed fantasy romance novels by American author Stephenie Meyer.

In fact, these sweetheart Vampires from Singapore came at a different period and time. They haunted the dance halls, theatres and clubs in the 60s. This all-girl guitar group featured on the EP cover had only five members but added another, a vocalist called Du Di Na.
According to the sleeve cover, she joined the group two years prior to the release of this vinyl. Apparently the instrumental group itself had won many fans among Singapore youths and Du Di Na was added to front the original band.

From A blog called Mod-ified Music, one of the songs featured on the Satellite brand record was Han Yu Qu (Chilling Rain Song). It was a popular Chinese song instrumentalised by this group. The Vampires could have been just as successful in the mid-60s but without Bella Swan from Twilight fame.
Wearing dark jackets, short, tight skirts and white boots, the girls looked smart and neat, posing in front of heritage protected Cavanagh Bridge. Behind them is the Victoria Memorial Hall with its imposing clock-tower.

There were not many all-girl guitar groups in Singapore were there? Are you familiar with this group and do you know who they are?

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Thimbuktu said...

Thanks for the memories Andy.

I don't remember the "Singapore Vampires" but "Han Yu Qu" (Chilling Rain Song)was a song I like to sing to myself (bathroom singer) during my young days.

Very sentimental melodies Mandarin song I loved. These are the "evergreen" local songs should be revived again to share to the youngster nowadays. Cheers!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Thimbuktu,
I agree that songs like these should be taken out from the vaults.

The Vampires are from the 6os. You must have been very young then.

Anonymous said...

29th Oct 2010
'This Ain’t Twilight…'
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A fitting post, since today is Halloween… we present to you VAMPIRES IN SINGAPORE!!!

See, they’re even standing at the Cavenagh Bridge. I don’t think you will find Edward here, since The Vampires were a girl band from the 1960s.

(I highly doubt that any of them were named Bella).

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone
This is a lovely, and I have to say I like both variations of the song, quite different moods I have to say. Do any of you have the English translation to it. My Mandarin is not very good, and would really appreciate it if you could help understand better the meaning of the words.
Thanks lots

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Waye,
Thanks very much for visiting. Your request will entail a process which might take time.

I will try to do what I can as many of my friends do not have a turntable to play the vinyl record after which the Chinese lyrics will have to be translated into English.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I hope the comments and video posted will revive this song by this all-girl Singapore group.

chakapchakap said...

David Wilentz: 1 year ago:



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Raphy C. 6 years ago
By the way, my previous post was my first comment EVER on YouTube (and I have's had my account for years!).

Pale Earth 2 years ago
So Amazing! found this on the internet back 2008/9 and have been obsessed with it ever since! Do you actually own a physical copy of this record?

nitagrim C. 5 years ago
I really want more from these girls! But there is nothing! WHY?!

Raphy C. 6 years ago
This song is fantastic. The sound is sad, bittersweet, and hypnotizing. All girl bands are the tops in my book! This is the only song I can only seem to find on the internet. It's such a tease. I want to hear more!


There is a copy of this on ebay at the moment

FACEBOOK said...

What about an the fabulous Teenage comets??? From katong convent the Anwar girls with Julie Thorres and Betty Appudurai

Michael Lee
Yeah, The Comets from Katong CHIJ rings a bell too.

Andy Young
Jimmy Appudurai-chua Wah Jimmy. You know all the girls. Cheers

Jimmy Appudurai-chua
Andy Young Rosalee still plays in Perth. My sister Betty was the bassist

FACEBOOK said...

es, heard about the group but never met them! 👍🏼👍🏼
· Reply · 16h
Winston Koh
The girl groups. in Sg were inspired by The Blue Stars Sisters from Philippines they were in Sg for awhile. Hope my memories are corrected.

Andy Young
thanks Winston, lovely memories that i always appreciate. your memory never fails you sir. always correct. come on guys, bring the stories in.

Michael Lee
Hi Andy, don't know them personally but definitely heard of them - Vampires of the pretty kind unlike Dracula. Cheerio.


Definitely Vampires was another gir-lband much earlier than Teepees, not sure I had ever the chance to hear them play cos am still schooling, FYI our first guitarist was Iris Wee from the Vampires, she is in the picture the girl standing behind with the glasses, so happy to see this group Andy.

FACEBOOK said...

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