Saturday, March 13, 2010

(8) Golden Venus, Easter Show, Latin Quarters


Lance Raymond continues his story about his stint at The Golden Venus Club and Bar on Orchard Road, Singapore from 1963 to 65 and his connection with some musician friends. This association gave him a lead into the music scene in Singapore as several of them were playing, recording and broadcasting on Radio Malaysia and TV Singapura. They were also ‘session musicians’ and played in most of the large hotels in Singapore, including the famous Raffles Hotel.

He was also invited to record for a Radio Malaysia show at the Victoria Theatre in Singapore (image: front right). He added that he participated in a show sponsored by a well-renowned company. Of several shows on Singapore television there was the Easter Show and a show called, ‘Latin Quarters’, where they played and recorded some Latin Jazz.

The question that was always asked of him was: "Did you get paid for all shows and on radio and TV broadcasts? The answer is yes and I even got paid for repeats long after I returned to the UK."

Image/Original article (edited): Lance Raymond. Thanks to PETER CHAN.

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