Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Nancy Sit 薛家燕 Sandra Xin 筷子姐妹 Re-Union

It was an exciting year for Seniors when these two famous ladies decided to form a duet and perform at Genting Highlands.

The Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner was on 13 Feb, 2010, 6.00 pm at Genting International Convention Centre, Malaysia.

A newspaper report of their show:

"Nancy Sit is a Hong Kong actress with the TVB network. Her acting career dated back to the 60's, when she was a popular teen idol alongside Connie Chan Po-Chu and Josephine Siao.

Sit recorded many albums in her teens, and later served as a mentor to Anita Mui. Sit decided to get back into show business in the early 90’s and was able to capitalize on the popularity she had achieved as a teen idol, even after so many years.

Sandra Xin is a former Taishan Canto-pop singer, active in the 70's. During the late 60's her career began under the Hong Kong English pop group named the Chopstick Sisters. 

The group did not last long. In 1974, her Cantonese TV theme song, The Yuanfen of a Wedding that Cries and Laughs made Canto-pop the new music phenomenon." 

Fly or drive all the way for your re-union?

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