Friday, February 19, 2010

>A< Les Fantomes - Loop De Loop - Ooh La La

There were many guitar and vocal groups all over Europe in the 60s like The Jumping Jewels and The Blue Diamonds that Singaporeans are familiar with but one prominent group that made a name for themselves, especially in France, was The Phantoms.
Les Fantomes was one of the leading French rock n roll instrumental groups then. Most of their songs stayed in the typical European mid-tempo Shadows vein. The band was formed by Thomas 'Dean' Noton (lead), Dany Maranne (bass), Jacky Pasut (rhythm) and Charles Benaroch (drums), in the summer of 1961. Jean-Claude Champon aka Claude Channes replaced Pasut in 1962. The group played mainly guitar instrumentals and became known because of the influence by American and British bands like The Ventures and Hank Marvin (Shadows).
From 1961 until 1964 they released eight EP’s, five singles and two full albums. To date their most famous track remains Loop de Loop (image) from their sixth EP recorded in 1963. From 1962 to 1964 they were considered was one of the best instrumental ensembles in France. Later members included Roger David, Bernard Ferraro, Michel Gaucher.
Image: YouTube *On image.
Information: Articles from Les Fantomes Websites.

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