Saturday, February 20, 2010

(4) >B< French Connexion - Je T'aime Tant

Some of their more familiar and internationally well-known songs include: (1) Le Diable En Personne (Shakin' All Over) (2) Golden Earrings (3) Original Twist Guitar (4) Shazam. (5) Walk Don't Run (6) No Man's Land (7) The Mexican (8) Mustang (9) Lover's Guitar (Je T'aime Tant) (10) Hully Bach (11) *Marche Des Aigles (Under The Double Eagle) (12) Moulin Rouge (13) Caravan (14) Summertime (15) Original Twist Guitar (16) Mustang (17) Golden Earrings (18) Do You Wanna Dance? (19) Reflexion (20) Peggy Sue and of course (21) *Loop De Loop.
The video features Hully Guitars (sidebar). It was also released on vinyl in 1963 as Hully Bach, with a classical music introduction in the style of Bach. Written by famous American guitarist and singer Mickey Baker who lived in Paris since 1960. A really hot number!
The US and UK influence is strong. This group has a following in Singapore too, especially amongst the 60s band groups. Good sound, fantastic selection, French connection. Do you have any of the EPs?
Image: YouTube *On image.
Information: Articles from Les Fantomes Websites.

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