Sunday, January 10, 2010

Carrie Ku Mei - Connie Francis Of Singapore?

Weirdo Records/Weirdo Weekly #100 carries an article on Carrie Ku Mei:
"Ku Mei, Carrie - The Lark/Phoenix/EMI - $10.00 LP 1965 (VG++/VG++) Happy go lucky Shaw Brothers musical, stars pop sensation Carrie Ku-Mei (the Connie Francis of Singapore) & Peter Chen Ho.
A light plot about mistaken identities wherein a journalist is told by his editor to get some dirt on a pop star. Even lighter songs, which have nothing whatever to do with the plot. I can't read the Mandarin, but songs include 'The Wedding Song', 'A Lover's Tears', 'Ave Maria', and 'OB Cha Cha'. "
Is Ku Mei the Connie Francis of Singapore because as far as Blogger understands, it's either Patricia Pestana or Veronica Young. Can anyone comment on this information?

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