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Singapore's 60s70s October Cherries' Website


Read all about their history, tours, CD releases on their own website at:

The October Cherries, a group that has existed since the mid-sixties, were a highly successful band in their country Singapore. Unfortunately, music piracy destroyed almost everything. Far Away Now is one of their hit songs that made it to number one in Malaysia.

They moved on to conquer Europe and they are still recording today. Jay Shotam (Lead singer): Far Away Now was on the first October cherries LP entitled, Meet the Cherries, a copy of which was given to Dick James, President of Dick James Music, in the UK, a big name in the music industry. He liked the band's songwriting ability.
In the early seventies when our manager Bal Shotam visited him to try and get a publishing tie-up, Dick James commented on another track on the LP called Na Na Song and said that it might be suitable for a new artist he had called Elton John. Nothing transpired. But Bal recalls another person who was with Dick and him, who heard the songs on the demo tapes.

An edited version, from YouTube: keithyoong (April 01, 2008). Check it out! Great website!


Unknown said...

October Cherries from my opinion is the most underrated local group in the '70. More music fans only recognized their covers not their original material. Other than "far away now", they had a top ten hit "All things work together for good and then love god" in Holland. Jay & Peter are both good composers
Too bad their website was not "Updated" and their biography supposed to be release but yet to be publish.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you Cliff for writing. You are right. They are underrated and it's a pity as they are still as good today compared to many 70s bands.

I wanted to cut a CD with Peter Diaz using new compositions on oldies but because of commitment and technicalities, I abandoned the idea.

He is a great guy, professional and polite, serious but friendly.

I wish them well and hope their biography will be published soon. I am sure there are fans out there who are waiting to buy it.

Let's hope they also update their website.

sjm said...

Sorry to leave an old comment here. I'm trying to get hold of some October Cherries albums but it seems they are very hard to find, especially their greatest hits CD. Can you help?

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I have many of their singles, EPs and LPs but only one CD that Peter Diaz gave me. I am unable to help but if you are willing to buy their vinyls I am sure you can find them in the record shops. You can transfer them on CDs using present technology.

The records are relatively inexpensive considering they are priceless nowadays because they are mostly collectors items.

Sorry I cannot be of much help but thank you for visiting.

(Perhaps you can go to Sungei Road and the Adelphi at North Bridge Road. Many record shops around.)

Sjm said...

Thanks for the information. Unfortunately I don't live in Singapore. I've never seen a band so unrepresented on the internet. I can't find anything, even LPs...

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

If you leave me your email address perhaps you can write directly to some of these shops yourself since I am not in the business. I shall not publish your information on this Comment page.

anonymous said...

Hi there!
I am a film student in LASALLE College of the Arts, and I am doing a documentary film on October Cherries. I am desperately in need of October Cherries' biggest fan to testify on film of their popularity and brilliance that existed in the 60's. I see that you have their records and I hope you can help me. Please please please contact me.

I hope to hear from you soon!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Many of the records have been borrowed for an exhibition to be held next year so I cannot spare any.

If anyone can help the above film student please write to me on this page and I shall relay the email address.

Thanks for writing in and visiting the blog.

Anonymous said...

I met a member of this band recently, the third from right on the album cover. He said he performs at Rochester Mall regularly.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Yes, that's PETER DIAZ; he's been basking regularly since he came home from Europe about 8 years ago?
Thank you ANON for your response.
Do write in anytime you're free.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...