Wednesday, December 30, 2009

(2) Barry Walker "The Figures" - Rocket Label


THE image shows the record sleeve cover of a guitar group called The Figures that featured Barry Walker (Singapore: 1968) from the armed services in Singapore 60s and the same leading man who also fronted The In-Sect later. The Figures had local boys Albert, Patrick, Eugene, Philip and Victor accompanying Walker

This group recorded on Hi-Fi/Stereo Rocket Label (DEP - 1009) playing: Midnight Hour, Stand By Me, Love Is Blue and Peter Gunn's Theme. This mix has been covered time and again by other Singapore bands including, Heather and The Thunderbirds, The Trailers, Charlie and The Boys.

Other British and American servicemen that had appeared together as a group or multiracially with our local boys included The Dee Tees (1964), The Misfits (1964), The Harmaniacs (1965), The Easybeats (1965), The Toadstools (1965), LBJ and The Presidents (1965), The Motifs (1966), Split Image (1966), The United Noises (1967), The Summer Of Love 1967) and many more.

And one British drummer who played in Singapore 60s, gained international fame when he joined a UK group called Ian Drury and The Blockheads. Know this drummer? Have you heard of other British or American groups that played in Singapore in the 60s and 70s? Do you have a friend who is familiar with them? Do write in.

Image: P.C. Collection.

Reference: A.N. and G.C.


bazwalker1 said...

Good morning,
The drummer in question was Charlie
Charles who was the last drummer with The Figures and drummer of The In-Sect. Just before Charlie returned to the UK he formed a band called No Sweat in Singapore.
On his return to the UK Charlie and I met up again. He was drummer for "Link Wray" the famous American blues guitarist and later formed "Loving Awareness." They recorded a brilliant album recorded at Earth,Wind & Fire's studio in the USA. Following that, he became the drummer for Ian Drury & The Blockheads and a very sought after session drummer. Sadly, Charlie died a few years ago.We were very good friends right up to his untimely death.I was a Pall bearer together with his son Hughie and the rest of The Blockheads at his funeral.
He was a brilliant drummer whose timing was The Best.
Listen to the song "Hit me with your rythmn stick"

Also in both groups was Eugene Kwok
who in my opinion was the BEST pianist/keyboard player bar none in Singapore.Eugene is now a top concert pianist in Chicago.
Best regards

Barry Walker. London.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you Barry for writing and the details about Charlie Charles' untimely death. I read about it and about the concerts to help him. "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick" is great and I listen to it quite often on You-Tube.

Actually I have photographs from a friend, ready for a posting about him, so now with your Comment I shall just put it up today, an instant post by Barry Walker.

Do write again anytime because it'll really be great if you could write a series of articles about the British Invasion in Singapore. Would you?


Anonymous said...

Was just surfing the net and came across this. My late husband Bill was the guitarist in The Misfits a band he started with his friend Vic. They were both in the RAF and stationed at Seletar.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

If you write in again with your name and email address (I shall not publish them) I could get you in touch with Barry Walker who would be glad to correspond with you; if you're willing that is.

Thanks for visiting the blog and writing in. Do come again.