Tuesday, August 11, 2009

(3) Roy Rogers - Country/Western Music 50s

These names must sound familiar to some people. Buck Jones, Hopalong Cassidy, Wild Bill Elliot, Rocky Lane and Tom Mix. With cowboy movies, the basics were there. And along with the goodies came the melodies. Country and western songs!


Anonymous said...

Baby boomers were all brought up on a huge diet of western movies where the heroes had a marksmanship that puts even US Seals or SAS snipers to shame with the red indians inevitably used as practice targets.

Anonymous said...

How true. But the 'red indians' have always agreed that 'white men talk with fork tongue' and 'fire stick' and 'fire water' make Chief strong like Running Bear.

Anyway, we are discussing pop music aren't we. "Running Bear" is one great song.

Andy Young* said...

'Running Bear' is sung by Johnny Preston. Lots of cliched phrases pertaining to native indian environment and culture which are now clearly unnacceptable. But many take them as part of 50s and 60s music genre.