Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Silver Strings At Orchid Country Club Yishun Singapore July 23/24, 2009 With Beatles Unlimited Austria


From left, standing: Jalani (keyboard), Herb (vocals), Audie (leader/bass), Mike (vocals), Danny Boy (drums), Bobo (lead/rhythm), Andy Young (vocals), Veronica (vocals, with Beatles on left).
Absent: Aloysius (lead/rhythm).

The Silver Strings Family have been together since last year, 2008, when Audie Ng, band leader, gathered everyone for a gig. It is a family where many ideas were discussed and tossed around. It is a family that got together for lunches, tea breaks and dinners. It is a family when we practised our songs and were waiting backstage, huddled together and supporting each other before our performance.

It is a family from different ethnic backgrounds. Gosh! Ronnie and The New Burns, Jerry Fernandez, Ms Rahimah Rahim, Karen Lim and their entourage and Ms Siao Hui from China. And including the Beatles from Europe? There were definitely more than a dozen countries that night, just backstage alone.

Our family is a very special one, a family of passionate people interested in 60s melodies and who took the effort to bring back these songs live, and made the two nights a memorable one.

Image: From Veronica Young Collection
Original article: Andy Lim


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the memories. I brought my son and daughter along and they also enjoyed the concert.

Andy Young* said...

Thank you. The family went that night too, including my grandson, who managed to escape from his father and greeted me on stage.

The crowd was fantastic and kind, clapping and cheering all the way. Warm and supportive.

Anonymous said...

Concert is filled with talents but the club is far for people who dont drive. Organise the show near the mrt.

Anonymous said...

have more concert. we will go to National day one.

Nan said...

omg i wish i was there!!

Anonymous said...

I have just caught Beatles Unlimited Performance on Singapore’s President Star Charity Show.
Can I enquiry if they have other shows in Singapore?

Thank you.