Monday, July 27, 2009

Shadows' Apache/Foot Tapper - The New Burns VICTOR & SIMON - Backstage With Andy

The New Burns, Victor Lam and Simon Tay. Victor was the percussionist for recording artistes, The Mysterians in the 60s. All four Mysterians had masks on and appeared incognito for all their appearances.

Victor (left), is a vinyl enthusiast and has a vast collection of records in his possession. Having seen him during practice sessions and on stage, Victor has not lost his touch. Pretty Woman needs pretty fancy drumming. And he is good!

Simon Tay is a man in the finance industry. Quiet and a serious musician, he also plays the hawaiian guitar extremely well and belongs to another band that plays 50s and 60s jazz pieces.

With their popularity soaring, The Burns will be more in the limelight. They might even be interviewed by prominent writers and experts of Singapore 60s music. All the best to Victor and Simon.

Image/Original article: Andy Lim

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Henri Gann said...

Cool band Victor and Simon ! I love those mask.
Were you guys fans of Batman and Robin ? :)