Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hey Paula: Paul & Paula US Pop 60s Music Beautiful Philippino Singer Beautiful Voice - Maria - Backstage With Andy

When Ronnie See of The Burns wanted a lady to duet with him singing, Hey Paula, they found the correct choice in Filipina singer, Maria, presently singing in a private club in Singapore.

With a voice as sweet as a nightingale's, Maria interpreted her lyrics so beautifully, it gave everyone present at the rehearsals plenty of goose pimples. She carried the song with a particular charm no one could match.

"Hey Paul, I've been waiting for you,/Hey hey Paul, I wanna marry you too/If you love me true, if you love me still/Our love will always be real, my love, my love."

Her timing was perfect and the duet went without a hitch. Maria, we hope to hear more of you soon.

Image/Original article: Andy Lim Collection


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful singer. Filipina natural born music people.

nomore said...

I love the Hey Pauls the tempo...especially at the slow and swing part the "Hey ~~ Hey ~~" could not forget it....Great couples...P and P...

Andy Young* said...

Thanks nomore. Didn't notice this post earlier. They are a great couple and this song was one of the best recorded in the 60s.