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Indonesian/Dutch Influence: Boy & Rollin' Kids, Tielman Brothers, Willy n Giants

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Through my own blogging experience I found that some local musicians are not familiar with the Indo/Dutch invasion in the 60s. It's simply what it means... We had the familiar Blue Diamonds [two brothers], pretty Anneke Gronloh and the well-known Shadows group from Holland, Johnny Lion and the Jumping Jewels visit us in Singapore. [This article has been updated: 5.06.2024 from 1.07.2009]

The song titles are familiar and the band names are fantastic. The titles are from an album, The Very Best Of Indo-Rock:

1 Pretend / The Dakotas
2 Let's Have a Party / Black Dynamites
3 Once / Hurricane Rollers
4 Mama Papa Twist / Crazy Rockers
5 Smokey Mountain Boogie / Ricky & The Rhythm Strings

6 I'll Never Let You Cross My Mind / The Hot Jumpers
7 Ajoen Ajoen /Willy and His Giants
8 Any Time / Rockin' Shadows
9 Should I / Electric Johnny & His Skyrockets
10 Ole Sio / The Entertainers

11 Twist in the Mood / The Black Dynamites
12 I Go Ape / The Hot Jumpers
13 Carioca / Fender Rollers
14 Rosalie / Tony Light
15 It Keeps Right On Hurting/ Boy & His Rollin' Kids*

Ajoen Ajoen /Willy and His Giants
Youtube Video from: Sam Sam Music

16 Memories / Emeralds
17 Raindrops / Explosion Rockers
18 Mukwai Hula / Tielman Brothers
19 Bumble Boogie Woogie/ The Desmounts
20 Slippin' and Slidin'/ The Fire Devils

21 Ling Ting Tong / The Javelins
22 You Win Again / The White Waves
23 Sweet Malaya / The Rollers
24 What'd I Say / Rock of Ages
25 Little Bird / Sebastian

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*Boy & His Rollin' Kids. 
Midnight in Malaya [Malaysia]
YouTube Video from: Herecomesshariss.

*In memory of Boy Jansen (1935-2006), composer/lead guitarist of Boy & His Rollin' Kids. They are an Indonesian/Dutch pop group from Zaandam, Holland. Their instrumental, Midnight In Malaya (318 869PF), was released in Singapore and Malaysia and became a hit. The flipside, China Rock, was also written by Jansen.

I am not too sure here but noted the big drum sound in the accompaniment. Could it be the big gendang used by Asian musicians. If you are familiar...?


Images below show some of the most popular Indonesian Dutch bands that had their days in the 60s carrying songs with rock n roll Western beats, mostly following Cliff and the Shadows tradition... 

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CHIT CHAT said...

Andy Young
These are a few of many Indo/Dutch bands that have appeared in the 60s. Check them out.

Hello RAYMOND CHO, thanks for the first LIKE on this post. Appreciate.


David Greenfield
My favorites are Rudi Van Dalm, Willy & His Giants, and TAHITI JUNGLE by Tielman Brothers.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Andy Young
David Greenfield thanks. Wow! Wish I had it too. 👍


David Greenfield
Andy Young Tahiti Village is an instrumental version of Hawaiian War Chant, and it's a rocker.

CHIT CHAT said...

Andy Young
Thanks James, Kali, Ser Kiong and Fabian for the instant LIKE to this post.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Andy Young
Not many people realise that Western pop stars have millions of records to their names but the Asians ones only have a few thousand each, considering the lower prints, with exceptions of course.

Just goes to show that as years go by the local SG vinyl and other Asian ones become treasures... I may be wrong of course but not far wrong.

CHIT CHAT said...

Andy Young
David Greenfield thanks for the encouragement; I must go on my rounds again to look for these vinyl. Been hibernating too much.

Andy Young
Thanks Patrick and Michael for the support too.

CHIT CHAT said...

Hiroshi Deguchi
Ajoen Ajoen is what got me hooked on guitar instrumental music. I was 15 years old when one of the local radio stations used this song as the theme song.

Andy Young
Hiroshi Deguchi thanks for this comment. It's what I call a superlative piece of information; how someone, somewhere gets hooked on something. Your start was AJOEN2. At 15 we were always mesmerised, in fact by anything. I really love this song. Not sure if you're aware, but AJOEN means SWING in Indonesian: AJOENAN or a SWING.

CHIT CHAT said...

Hiroshi Deguchi
I had no idea what Ajoen is. I thought it must be Dutch. I even believed the group was German.

Andy Young
Hiroshi Deguchi an old kids' song and kronchong actually. 'Swinging in the trees' has become 'swing.' Indonesian/Dutch connection. 👍

CHIT CHAT said...

Andy Young
Not sure if the big drum sound from MIDNIGHT IN MALAYA [MALAYSIA] comes from a GENDANG, an Asian percussion instrument. Anyone?

CHIT CHAT said...

Hiroshi Deguchi
Andy Young Arigatou gozaimau I never get tired of this song. I have been with it for 60years.

Andy Young
Hiroshi Deguchi hearing you loud and clear, my friend. One of the best guitar instrumentals. With Asia coming up and up in this 21st Century, I think we should all listen to them again. 🙂 Thanks my friend.

CHIT CHAT said...

Koh Daisy
Among my favourites Blue Diamonds, Johnny Lion n the JJ and Aneke Gronloh. They were part of our growing up years.

Andy Young
Koh Daisy yes, that's correct. If you read the article, the paragraph opens with this information. Thanks for visiting.

CHIT CHAT said...

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CHIT CHAT said...

Stephen Han
The popular ones were The Blue Diamonds and Johnny Lion and the Jumping Jewels

Andy Young
Stephen Han yes. they were everywhere.
Very popular duet and a fantastic group indeed.
Thanks for visiting.