Saturday, May 02, 2009

Singapore 60s - British Invasion - Tom Jones

There is no discussion on 60s music without mentioning Welsh singer Tom Jones and another man of similar status, because they both appear at about the same period during the 60s. But while Tom Jones invaded Singapore with his British brawns, sexy image and powerful voice, the other swooned his fans with cool, quiet sensuality.

Jones' first song didn't make the hit charts but his second one did and soon everyone was singing, "It's Not Unusual", in early 1965. He went on to sing pop, R&B, ballads and soul with 54 albums, more than 390 hits and 100 million records, so check him out at his own website.

Tom Jones' impact on the Singapore's pop music scene still has local artistes singing and playing his songs today. Many songs have been translated into Chinese and Malay, or at least the melodies are similar.

There are also many Tom Jones impersonators in Singapore. One of them is Halil Chik and the other is Ismail Haron. Many singers with powerful voices are able to emulate the Welsh sex symbol. Jerry Fernandez, a popular DJ and MC, is another Tom Jones impersonator. He sings with the Neu Faces at the Singapore Cricket Club on Saturday afternoons.

Tom Jones is as active as ever on the world circuit, singing his own hits as he would have nearly 50 years ago. Sir Tom Jones is a living legend!

But who's the other one who hit Singapore 60s with as great an impact? Check the next post.

Original article: Andy Lim


Roger said...

Tom Jones. Wasn't he the one who had the charisma to make women lose their intimate apparel? Hmm... wonder if the magic is still intact.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Yes, yes. It's still happening but if I remember correctly the sizes have grown as large as Tom Jones fans, XXL. In the 60s the apparel thrown were XS.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Jerry Fernandez is great imitating Tom Jones. Close your eyes. He sounds just like Jones.