Sunday, January 04, 2009

Home Christmas Party With The Stylers

Home parties were the craze in the 1960's. With few high-rise apartments and many village houses, terrace houses, semi-detached bungalows, neighbours were tolerant with the kampong spirit so noisy home gatherings playing guitar music and loud drumming would not attract police cars to the area. 

In fact, neighbours join in the fun by either, peeping through the fencing or get to know their next-door friends by coming in for a drink with them. The houses were not too large, sometimes only with a single storey but the occupants were generally friendly and nice.

I used to be the MC for Christmas parties, usually organising it with close friends from as far as the Joo Chiat and Katong areas. I remember one where The Stylers (image) entertained. Stylers leader was a neighbour and Randy visited the area often. It was easy then.

It was too noisy to play rock music, so it was usually played in between Latino melodies.  We played less rock n roll but more cha-cha-cha, rhumba and sentimental music. 

Between dances and couple-cuddles, the guests were treated to finger-food and floor games (definitely clean). That was how young people got to know each other. I am in touch with two couples today, who met at this party and are still together.

The picture shows JOHN TEO (leader/lead guitar) seated on the amplifier. Bands saved the remuneration they get to buy instruments and band outfit.  Randy Lee (rhythm guitarist and current FB friend), Frankie Abdullah (bass), Osman (drums). The man in front is Mr Kwok and had managed the band.

Image: A Personal Collection.


Anonymous said...

Many bands start off playing for birthday parties, wedding dinners, anniversaries, house parties, picnics, small clubs, etc.

Later they hit the big time playing at hotels, theatres, stadiums, SEAsia...

Now with foreign bands coming in cheap, our local chaps have to make do with the same all over again playing at restaurants, small clubs, weddings...

Andy Young* said...

Yes, some big names in the 60s are now playing in private clubs and hotels still. And doing quite well too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy
Members of the Stylers from left to right of the image: Randy Lee (rhythm guitarist) Frankie Abdullah (bass) Osman (drums) and John Teo (lead guitarist)


Andy Young* said...

Thanks Randy,
Really great to hear from you. Did you remember playing at this corner single-storey house at Geylang, Lorong 41 in the early 60s?

Do write in again when you can.