Friday, January 02, 2009

RITA CHAO - Pop A-Go-Go. For William's Dad

Hi William,
Remember her? I think your dad could have been one 60s fan who listens to Rita Chao. Singers like Rita and Sakura Teng were popular with the non-english speaking crowd. But she's eye candy and was most popular then.

If you've seen her performing at one of our venues please write in. Rita was a draw with a-go-go, hala-hala and off beat cha-cha enthusiasts with music from the west like Woolly Bully etc. But where is Rita now? Anyone?

There are many Rita Chao websites at GOOGLE SEARCH.


Anonymous said...

Hello Uncle Andy. My father say thanks u for the pic. Says he can remember them cos they are his fav singers. Can still sing a bit of there song. (William)

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Glad your dad likes them William. And thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy:

Rita Chao already retired from singing and btw she is a distant relative of my late dad. Sad to know that I last heard she was helping or working in a church in Yishun. Rita will be about in her late 50's.

In the late 60's she did a performance in Penang, Malaysia together with Sakura. My late Ah Kor "took" care of them while during their short stint of stay. Not sure if I can still find that old photo taken in Penang.



Anonymous said...

Sorry to reply so very late as I didnt see your comment till today. Would be great if you could find the photo.
Please write again.