Thursday, January 01, 2009

(1) Fiat 600 1964 Model Silver Strings Overload

Audie's Fiat 600 (illustration only)
This story was featured on 9th November, 2014 during Brian Richmond's 90.5fm radio show, Sundays With Brian during the Reminiscing with Andy segment.

A Memory Trail:

We didn't know how but Audie, bass guitarist of the Silver Strings, owned a Fiat 600 in the 60s and the 5 or 6 of us squeezed into the tiny car with two doors.

We were entangled all over like a human octopus, limbs dangling, with probably three sitting in front and four seated behind, with at least 3 Fender guitars, a snare drum and sticks. We knew how sardines felt after that. Compact travel. It was fun though as our driver went round before that picking everybody up. The cramping got worse as the numbers increased.

Audie still does it now, picking band members up and sending them home way back in the night from as far as Yishun and Pasir Panjang. I remember him sending home the band boys after our studio practices in November 2008. He drives a bigger car now. This particular car took us home during the racial riots (check postings) in 1964.

I bought one in the mid-60s too. Kiasu. My first car ever!

Image: Google.


Anonymous said...

Nice car. The engine at the back isn't it? A popular car back then. Amazing how it could pack so many of you inside its small cabin, and yet move as it was only 600 cc.He he.

Anonymous said...

The Fiat 600 moved alright but don't forget there were not many cars then and traffic was moving at bullock-cart pace so it wasn't a comfortable ride but it took us from our homes to Idris Road where we practised at Audie's house.

Legs were sticking out of the windows too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Yong, last time my father also drive this type of car. He can't read English so I tell him what you write. He laugh and say how come so many of you can go inside one small car like this. He like all your picture here. My father is 65 years old. From William Tan.

Andy Young* said...

Thanks for the support sir. Appreciate that he enjoys the pictures. I try to cater to everyone's taste since this blog is not a thesis on our pop music but rather informing others in a fun way about it.