Monday, December 29, 2008

Michael Gold - Easy But Deep & Mysterious Too.

Michael Goh or Gold is a pleasure to listen as the songs recorded suit his style: easy, calm, reassuring and provocative. There's an incitement about his vocalization, deep and mysterious.
He sings for pleasure and was part of a duet with his brother when they won the Amateur Nite Contest at the Capitol Cinema in the 60s. Michael went on to sing at functions, nitespots and recorded songs by Martin & Presley in his own elegant manner. His Xmas album has a truly yuletide feel.
Gold is a pseudonym as the CDs were released in the U.S. only and not for local consumption.
Michael Gold stands tall with his CDs.
Images: from Michael Goh CD covers
Original article: Andy Lim


dino martin peters said...

Hey pallie Andy, found your post on this Dinosharin' dude great to know there are other Singaporeans who truly "get Martin" and wanna be likes him...all my Dinobest to you my Dinobro...

Andy Young* said...

Again thank you DMP. I have asked Michael to contact you.