Thursday, September 29, 2022

Singapore 60's Music Blog Hits 3 Million Views On 29/9/2022


Many Thanks For The Congratulatory 
Messages From 80+ Kind Folks:

Chow Wen Hing: 
Wow! 👋👋👋

Cedric Collars [Perth/Australia]:
Congratulations on all your effort in maintaining your blog. It is a pleasure in helping you make your dream a success wile helping people with a like mindset give their thoughts and experiences👋👍. A journey begins first with a dream, then with action. Enjoy the moment Andy. 😛

John Lim:
Wow... such a great achievement... this calls for a celebration indeed Andy.

Tan Soo Khoon:
3M views! Congratulations!👍👨🙏

Jimmy Chng:
Hi Andy, heartiest congratulations to you on the readership 
of your blog crossing the 3M mark! Cheers!

Saram Jerry:
This credit belongs entirely to you. You have single handedly nurtured this blog through the years until it is now read by so many people around the world. In your own small way you have created a niche for yourself and Singapore in the world of "Oldie Music" of Singapore and the world. Soon your blog may be read by more than five and a half million people - the present population of Singapore. You are a Singapore institution, man!

Yen Chow:
Congratulations Andy! Excellent achievement!😍 🥰

Lawrence Lim:
Well done. Do people read my comments?

Horace Wee:
Congratulations. That's nice.

Andy, my heartiest CONGRATULATIONS on your new breaking record of 3 million views! Your music blogs have introduced me to many beautiful songs and excellent singers. Inspired by your dedication and passion to share interesting articles and will continue to support your blogs. Keep it going! :)

Jimmy PresLee:
Congratulations, more than 3 million followers on your blog.

Clarence Perera:
Nice to listen to old songs.

Oliver Balasingham:

Audie Ng [Silver Strings/Leader]:
Wow Congratulations I'm so happy for you and also proud that my first SS singer's blog has reached 3M viewers. Tok Kong in Hokkien n Teochew Si Beh Hor, mean FANTASTIC. Cheers my big bro. Carry on your good work, since it's your passion.

Anna Law [Teepees]:

Jimmy Yap:
Congrats ANDY. All Singaporean musicians to viewers around the world should be proud n thankful to you for being the bridge connecting us worldwide.

Happy Tay [Vancouver/BC/Canada]:
I'm happy for you my friend, All your effort and hard work is slowly paying off. You deserve all the accolades and I hope that the Singapore government recognizes it too. God Bless.

Ivor Lesslar:
Good Morning Sir: Congratulations!

Michael Bangar:
👍 ✌️ 🙏

Larry Lai:

Elaine Sung:
Wow!! Congrats!!! What an achievement!

James Kwok:
At first glance I was wondering why Abang Andy sent me a 3M advertisement. Then the real thing surfaces: 3 million views !! CONGRATULATIONS AND CELEBRATION for reaching such a milestone on your journey. 👋👋👋 
We know that the best is yet to be.👌👌.

Phil Chan:

Richard Rajoo:
Way to go bro!

Congrats Andy for 3 million views!

Irene Yap [Recording Artiste]:
Wow! Andy! Thanks to you for bringing back beautiful memories for so many of us! Memories we may have forgotten due to us reaching maturity... Congratulations!

Eddy Eng:
Congratulations, Andy! 3 million is certainly a milestone. Keep it up!

Ronald Ho:
Good afternoon Andy.  Demand is softening and need to tighten controls. 
Congrats on 3M views.

Winston Koh:
Congratulations Andy!
👍👍👋👋 🙏

Perry Koh:
Heartiest congrats. Someone from our Arts Ministry should recognise this and reward you financially at least.

Stephen Francis:
Wow!! Congratulations Andy!! 👏👏

Steve Ho:
Congratulations, Andy. You have achieved yet another milestone.

Sunny Wee:
3M+ views. Outstanding achievement. 

Dr. T.H.Y.

Majorie Chiew [Journalist/Malaysia]:
Congrats on your 3mil views. That's a lot of hard work put in!

Simon Tay:
Congratulations Andy! Well done.

Ronnie See:
All the best Andy! You are the beacon of the Singapore music scene.
Thanks for your great contribution. One of the few and far between! Can put it in songs!

Victor Lam:

Johnny Yeow:
well done Andy. your hard work is paying off. Congrats 👍

Congrats, Andy ! 
You have spent many years in this blog, and it is a job well done. 
We will follow u thru the many years ahead ! God's blessing.

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Dick Yip:

Juliana Lim:
Congrats Andy!

Freda Hanum:
Wow! Congrats to you and the blog.
Nice to see you back Andy.

Lim Kuan Min:
Steady la.

Peter Cheong:
Amazing result Andy! 
I mentioned before the figure will go UP AND ON.

Jimmy Appudurai:
Congratulations to you and your teamxx

Fred Ching:
Dear Brother Andy, thank you for your blog and congratulations for this milestone. Truly a Herculean effort. Please take good care of yourself and your family. All the best, Fred🙏😊

James Kwok
Hi Andy, Thanks for the memories that your blogs brings to my 75-year-old mind 👏👏🙏🙏

Alphonso Soosay
Congratulations Andy Young. Thank You for keeping Singapore’s 60’s Music alive till now.

Jalani Mohamed
Congratulations 💙💙💙

Lim Tin Leong:

Stephen Han

Angela Leow
Congrats, Andy! 👍👍

Terence Lee
Congratulations 👏👏👏

Eric Tan [The Trailers]
Congratulations! Andy. You've done us proud. 

SP Yeo:
Hi, Andrew! Congratulations!!! 
Your Blog has finally made it !
3M viewers! Wow! What a fantastic feat !


johnny yeow said...

well done Andy. your hard work is paying off. Congrats 👍

Stephen Francis said...

Wow!! Congratulations Andy!! 👏👏

FL said...

Congrats, Andy ! You have spent many years in this blog, and it is a job well done. We will follow u thru the many years ahead ! God's blessing.

SAM Gan said...

Congratulations Andy...keep up the good work...very Happy for your Success Mate...Cheers from Perth!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Andy. You've done us proud. Eric Tan (Trailers)

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you for writing and for keeping in touch.
I hope you will be visiting this site more often.
If you leave your email and phone number, I won't publish it.

spyeo said...

Hi, Andrew! Congratulations!!! Your Blog has finally made it !
3M viewers! Wow! What a fantastic feat !

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Yeo for support all these years.