Saturday, August 06, 2022

RIP Judith Durham: The Seekers: I'll Never Find Another You.

The late Judith Durham, lead singer of the Seekers.

3rd July 1943 to 5th August, 2022

With the many friends I know or knew, JUDITH DURHAM was an unknown name but when one mentions THE SEEKERS everyone knew the group. And voices would scream out I'LL NEVER FIND ANOTHER YOU, GEORGY GIRL, MORNING TOWN RIDE. And the list goes on.

Judith Durham, the petite girl with the fringe on top and lead singer of the group, had passed away just, aged 79 years young. She was an angel with a voice quality that carried her far and wide across the world from her Australian hometown.

The Seekers: I'll Never Find Another You. 
YouTube Video from: rich963.

Well, like a friend mentioned, The Carnival Is Over, but the songs never end. Goodbye Judith. Thanks for the lovely folk songs you brought into Singapore. And from my wife too because she loves one of your best hits, GEORGY GIRL. 

R.I.P. Ms. Judith Durham. We'll never find another you...

From your thousands of Singapore fans, seniors now mostly. 

The Seekers: 'Georgy Girl' 
YouTube from: rich963

A Tribute from Cedric Collars, Perth, Australia:
The voice of the Seekers is gone. Judith Durham passed away and with that so have their songs into the music memories. 

Thanks Andy, I grew up on these songs and her voice always stood out in the group. We will miss her like so many others who have left us with musical artistry and songs to remember, sing or hum with fond memories. RIP JUDITH.


Anonymous said...

RIP Judith


suituapui said...

R.I.P. Judith of The Seekers...and Olivia Newton John soon after. I love them both, so sad!

FL said...

Both Judith (of The Seekers) and Olivia Newton-John were international artistes in their own right. It is so sad that they left their fans, self included, in sorrow and pain. RIP.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you Anon, STP and FL.
Yes we should all appreciate these great artistes who left behind a legacy with their singing and musical ability.

Thanks also for keeping this blog alive. It's conversations that keep writing alive.